Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow. It'z been a while

Teenage Author stuck in Reality...

So after getting accepted to Saint Leo University and a few months letting my love for a skater boy sit on the shelf, attending Tampa Pro 2009( freaking sick, Congratz Greg!) and finding a new understanding of the past five years of my life...
I must say Life is freaking good right now. I am happy.

So happy I didnt let my home skillet Bailey walk out of my life for good...it may be said that she could be a better friend than a girl I have called my best friend for 2 and a half years...

Anywho, saw "Seventeen Again." Such a goooood movie. Go see it. Seriously, ppl.

May or may not be going to my senior prom. Let's see what God provides. :D

O ya, may start driving again so I can get the license so I can finally be free from the parentals.

Until next time,
~Just Keep Swimming~

God Bless!

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