Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dud Day At Busch Gardens: A VLOG

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#WriterRevelations: The Power of Being Positive (Social Media)

Lately, it seems to me that the trend on social media is to be negative, pessimistic, or bragging. Or all three if you are really popular on social media. Here I was hoping that those rude and hateful posts would go away following the election of 2016. Yet, here we are, in 2017, and people are really becoming as the Bible says they would in 2 Timothy 3.

I have started to post less on Facebook (or as I call it Fakebook) mostly because people don't see my posts or they just ignore my posts on there. I've heard from others that it's not just me and it has to do with the algorithm Facebook encrypted into its server in 2015. Now Twitter seems to also be suffering from the same problem, and that makes me even more sad because I really enjoyed tweeting. I have been an avid user since when it started up in 2009, and I even helped celebrities like Ryan Sheckler learn about it.

Now everyone uses it and I feel as though people ruined it.

It used to feel like a safe space but now, I get all types of judgement from whatever I post there.

The social media platform I never expected to like was Instagram. What I had heard from the media was that Instagram was full of Selfies. The media once again hit us with a bit of fake news.

Actually, the nicest, most sincere people I've never met (and some I have) are on Instagram. People will support whatever you post there and guess what was even more surprising?!

Positive people thrive there!

I went from starting my Instagram with 200 followers and now I have almost 800, and I truly believe that the sole reason for that is because I always post motivational and positive quotes.

In college, my walls were covered from ceiling to floor with motivational and positive confessions and quotes because

The funny thing was I caught a lot of flack for it. Some people were actually truly hateful toward my #positiveonly vibes. One guy I was friendly with once said to me,

"You truly believe and see good in everything?" 

I replied, Yeah, it's better to be that way.

He retorted with, "No, it's not. It's not realistic. It's better to see things for what they are instead of for what they can be." 

I've been through some serious shit and I'm sure most people reading this have too in some way, shape, or form. Or maybe you identify with being hated on for who you are. Let this post be your motivation to keep on being that same positive, extremely valuable, love-worthy human being no matter how people treat you. Turn it into a positive: Keep being a light.

We all do it. That subtle offense we take when someone ignores our text, our post on social media, or the major offense we take when someone questions or argues with us via our posts. Whether it's on social media or in real life, you are better to just love people and pay no mind to whether they give you recognition. Besides, that offense comes from our pride, and pride is a deceitful little beast we should all tell more often to be quiet and remind ourselves that it isn't all about ME! 

Stop being so gosh darn selfish and I promise you, good things will start chasing you down and your positivity will attract all the right people but even if it's slow in coming, God always loves you and that's a great foundational truth to build your life on. 

Last month I wrote about diligence and I have to update you all that I finally faced my fears and drove on the real road. For all the shenanigans, check it out here.

If you are having trouble facing a fear, call to mind Moses didn't think he was the right person to deliver the Israelites from out of Egypt but God knew he was not only called but chosen:
And I'm not saying I never have a sad day but I choose to never let a sad day define me or ruin God's great plans for me, and sometimes I even take my frustrations and use them to further motivate me. When life is difficult and you don't know where to turn or who to talk to, start with this confession, write it out on Tumblr, and talk to God or a close friend. And always remember, suicide is never the answer!

Until next time, remember I love you and pray for you daily!

Choose encouragement over offense and you will live a long and happy life, I can guarantee it!

If you read this blog and it gave you positive vibes, please feel free to share it or the graphics with your social media network. Let's create a wave of #positivevibesonly and see how it ripples around the entire world!

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#WriterRevelations: The Keys To Success (Christian Living)

Dear Lord, I'm so sorry. Some how I had all these intentions to post a blog last month but the month flew by and before you know it was Hazel's birthday.

If you're interested, here's some videos:

Have you ever felt discouraged about trying to live the Christian Life? If your efforts to make a difference in the world seem fruitless, following the Lord's example could change your outlook.

How was he so effective? Scripture tells us that Jesus did not speak or act on His own initiative but instead depended on His Father abiding in him to do the work (John 14:10). And we are to do likewise.

Even though we may pour great effort and long hours into ministry, these alone won't produce fruitfulness. It's far more important to minister as the Lord intended.

What comfort this should give us!

Until next time, remember:

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#WriterRevelations Diligence: How To Take Dreams and Make Them Come True

As most of you know, I recently lost 15 pounds despite having a thyroid disorder. I started practicing healthy eating habits and rigorous exercise habits as well. Yet, it's been a rough five months of the year thus far, in all other areas. I was stripped of my food stamps because they found a false excuse to kick me off the program. Then, I haven't been hired for any other jobs since November when I worked for 1 day as a UPS golf cart driver for their seasonal deliveries. Even worse is that starting in April, the agency I freelance write for started to get scattered with my pay, and even cut some weeks from my work calendar so I would literally have to stretch whatever money I did get for two weeks instead of the usual one.

Needless to say, I started to feel that although my health was in tip-top shape and I felt more energized, confident, and experience more joy, I was wondering why I seemed to have hit rock bottom, so to speak.

So I brought my life before the feet of Jesus and sobbed in his presence asking him to show me where I was missing the mark, and asking him that my life MATTER for His Glory.

I realized that starting in April, I began to go driving but God asked me to go driving every day in order to conquer my fear of it. I have had my license since September but after what happened with the UPS job, it made me feel insecure and that I lacked the overall motor skills necessary to be competent enough to operate a motor vehicle.

So a month has gone by and I have only gone once every now and then. Yet, God showed me that because I lacked diligence it was affecting all other areas of my life.

My writing was also another area that has suffered from lack of diligence and God has asked me to write one scene a day at least in order to complete the 40,000 words needed to finish my YA rewrite.

Companies will hire those that appear to be hard workers and diligence is an in-demand trait. Yet, just because you hold a college degree or have the five years of supposed needed experience doesn't mean you are a shoe-in for whatever job you are pursuing if you are looking for employment such as myself.

I suddenly came to the obvious conclusion that if I want a job, I must be diligent with the tasks God has given me right now.

I've always believed that I was a diligent studious persistent hard worker what with IB (3 years worth) the publication of my first 2 novels, and obtaining my college degree but now I see that although I have an impressive resume, one thing employers can see is that I lack diligence.

What is diligence? 

According to Vine's Bible Dictionary, it is the process of working, an endeavor, or business. An earnest zeal or the haste accompanying this work, business and/or endeavor.

Webster defines it as: Constant or persistent to one's work or industry.

Yet, starting today that is about to change.

Plus, I did not write ( I consider this to be my writing for the day) yet I did story map so I know where to pick up from tomorrow.

So take this as word of warning; Maybe you are wondering why it seems to be taking forever for your dreams to come true like I was?

Examine your life and lay each area before the Lord, allowing him to show you where you need to focus, and where you are holding to things to tight, casting all your cares upon Him because He cares FOR YOU!

Before I leave you with a final thought, I apologize for taking over a month to write you a new word of encouragement. I am trying to build my Youtube platform so I was focused on making videos for a little while but I will purpose to be diligent in writing you here more than once a month, as well as c
ontinuing with videos for Youtube.

Until next time, remember:

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

International Viewers Welcome! 2 Amazing Concerts Back To Back: Hunter H...

I honestly needed this so much and God wanted to remind me who he made me to be.

Don't let circumstances steal your breath and the smile on your face.

Thanks for watching! Love you all.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#WriterRevelations: Our Awesome God

When I was a kid, my parents always had Christian music on so I naturally grew up worshipping God whenever music was playing. I can't say we never listened to secular music but I loved Christian music and didn't realize till I was in middle school how often I listened to it, until kids pointed it out to me.

One song I used to love to sing was on the WOW CD and it was called Awesome God by Rich Mullins.

Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love. Our God is an Awesome God.

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of worship music and studying why we worship and the atmosphere it creates, and during Bible study recently, I felt the urge to sing that out loud.

So I did.

It gave me great peace and a smile that could rival the sun it shown so bright.

Nowadays, people call God's name with little reverence. Some use it as a curse.

We who believe in and love him, use his name so casually we don't really ponder all the He is.

Any prayer you pray in that name is being prayed to the Almighty God who created and rules over all things.

Three areas of our life are impacted by how we see God.

First, it affects our prayers. As we come to know God better and better, we start to yield more to his thoughts and plans for us, and our petitions align more closely with his purposes. I like to call it seeing God as a wide open door (more specifically, wide open arms) instead of a small, little doggy door we have to squeeze through.

Second, our understanding of His righteousness and goodness influences our behavior. When you know God desires to be good to you always and his mercy is relentless and endures long (Newsflash: God doesn't have a short fuse. He doesn't understand why humans are quick to snap over material things and while driving). If we mess up, we will again pursue our Christ-provided righteousness and repent of any and all sin( Big or small). One way I deal with this is if I start to feel an ache within about something I said, did, or even how I reacted, I walk away from the situation, and get still and say, "God, I repent of that. That was ugly, and you make all things beautiful, and I receive your forgiveness now. In Jesus' Name."

Third, our faith is impacted. Grasping that Jesus is holy, good, and powerful grows our trust in Him.
They say when you KNOW, YOU KNOW.

Do you know the Almighty God as your personal heavenly Father? He invites whosoever will believe into an intimate relationship with Him. But as with any good friendship, time and intentionality are
necessary to understand him and learn His ways.

Until next time, remember:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

#FitnessMotivation: Bikini Body Challenge One Month Later

I'm sorry for being quiet but I've been praying for a new post for you guys but in the meantime, I've made it through a month of my new healthy lifestyle and Katrina turned 9 yesterday so we celebrated her and how she makes our life better.

Chelsea<3 p="">

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#WriterRevelations: Stay True To You

It all began on January 6, 2017. I sat down with a job specialist and she was helping me find jobs in my field since in May it will be two years since I graduated from Saint Leo University.

As she was looking up the jobs that fit my marketing degree, I really didn't have any passion whatsoever about any of them. No butterflies, no sparks, no stars in my eyes. I just nodded and smiled for the hour and a half that I met with her. Don't get me wrong. She was very knowledgeable and very personable yet I felt this sense of misplacement somehow.

On January 9, I received a call from a marketing company in St. Petersburg and I was stoked until I found reviews for the company claiming that a lot of what they do is just product booths in Sam's Club. I didn't spend 63,000 in student loans to sit managing and marketing a product or products in Sam's Club. Plus, the review stated they lie about salary in the interview, and pay poorly.

Plus, I felt this feeling that my family didn't really support me with this new job.

Then, about a month later, I got all situated with an internship in public relations and I was stoked.
After I started out, the work load seemed like too much for an unpaid internship so I gave my best wishes but moved on.

It was all of this that made me realize I don't have any interest working in public relations directly or even using my college degree at all. Of course, if I find a job that pays well that I can utilize my degree with, I will apply and trust God with the rest.

Yet, I've realized I've spent the majority of my life (25 years) living to please other people.

  • I enrolled in IB and completed three years of it before having to attend a new school in my senior year and have three hours less homework and no friends.
  • I went to Saint Leo University because it was close to home but really wanted to attend UCF.
  • I went to college for accounting because my parents wanted me to have a good job right out of school 
  • I basically failed out of accounting only to switch to marketing when I really wanted to study to be a publicist or study writing.
So I've come to the conclusion that I just want to work the odd jobs so I can get the people experience without the job experience. Only because I know that at 25 years old, I am not trying to freeload off anyone at all so I want a job while I pursue writing novels full-time. 

Why are some jobs so well accepted by society and others aren't? For example, my dad is a truck driver and my mother cleans houses for a living. Both are service-type jobs with different daily tasks. My dad gets to see different states every day that he's out on the road and get different loads from point A to point B. My mom goes a client's house and makes their house spotless all while chatting with them and making them smile (some of them live alone so they look forward to my mom coming so they can talk to her). 

Yet, my parents are undermined in high society. Some relatives even act like what my mom does every day isn't really a job at all, and that's she living too fancy free. 

I say let people live their life. After all, you only get ONE on this earth. Make it count. 

When I write, there are days I don't know what is going to spill out of me. God recently told me that if I don't stop worrying about my plot lines, I will give myself frown lines. (He isn't wrong. Plus, he made me laugh with that one). Yet, there is a fire, a passion, a spiritual act taking place where sometimes God is using my words to be placed right there because someone (maybe YOU) needs them at that divine ordained time. 

It's not easy being a writer. Not everyone can write books as a career. It's not so much about being inspired or having a story. It's the business part of it that literally can rip your heart into two halves while they continue to beat. Plus, there is such a stigma or stereotype with saying you are a writer that makes people automatically judge you. 

She is trying to make a career out of people that don't exist.
She's naive because she talks to make-believe people.
Her optimism is annoying.
Dreams are for weak minds. Strong people know reality is all that matters.
What a loser. No one will buy your books.

People having low expectations of me is what fuels me to prove them 100% wrong.
So go ahead and make me feel bad for staying true to myself, God's expectations of me are ALL THAT MATTER.
Before we go, I completed two weeks of the Bikini Body Challenge.

Here's my newest check in.

Until next time,

In Christ Like Love and Confidence,
~Just Keep Swimming~

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#FitnessMotivation: Week 1 of The Bikini Body Challenge

I plan to do a new blog post March 1 but I wanted to let you all know that I am starting a new lifestyle change regarding my health. For more, please check out my video below:

While we are here, Kickflip My Heart is 10 chapters strong with a word count that has exceeded the original three novels it was readapted from that I wrote and published in high school. God is good!
Click the title to read.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

#WriterRevelations: The Forgiveness Project (A Valentine's Day Tale)

25 and still not able to write that I've got myself a boyfriend.

With Valentine's Day coming up, that's never fun.

If you clicked this post hoping for some advice on how to be single on Valentine's day, you'll have to check my blog archive.

I'm sure I've already wrote THAT blog.

This is a story about how I've realized how self-absorbed I've been.

I started hating my friends.

Yeah, you read that right.

My friends are great but they sure had no problem ignoring me.

I know I am a marketing graduate and I tend to have a new cause every week but

it seems like every other person in the world can gain support, get donations, or is smothered in encouraging comments on their statuses...

Then people got straight up NASTY on social media almost hourly with all the political trash
and it still hasn't gone away.

Recently, when I log in to social media, I feel as though I'm standing up and people walk by and they pile really large rocks on me until I can't make a sound. I'm still breathing, my heart is still beating but no one can tell. I'm still alive. Honestly, I now get anxiety just logging in lately.

I'm totally used to social rejection and being told I can't say certain things because it offends people.
I've been undermined, marginalized, and silenced, humiliated, embarrassed, labeled unfairly and misunderstood, and I'm a twenty-five STRAIGHT WHITE POLISH-DUTCH-IRISH-SCOTTISH New Jersodian woman. (Florida born and raised but I got Jersey in my veins).

Yet, this isn't a post about how unfairly I've been treated.

That's what I wrote a memoir for.

Once again, God got real with me.

This world needs Love more than ever.

Love in action is a perfect mix of kindness, patience, and forgiveness.

So God asked me to start not only praying for all the leaders of the U.S. government, but I also needed to start praying for any and all people I interact with on social media.
Especially those who sow discord to me or others.

So I said yes sir, and I started to. I wrote out every name of every person on my Facebook friends list (that's where most of the drama happens) and have added my Twitter blocked list to that. Pretty soon, I will be adding every follower on Twitter, Instagram, and Google to it.

I prayed this prayer over them.

Father God, in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I forgive _________. Now, they are forgiven, and I hold nothing against them Lord. They are forgiven, just like you forgave me. Thank you, God. I praise you for the gift of forgiveness. 
Father, I ask that every name mentioned is abundantly blessed, that they have your peace that passes all understanding, that they operate daily with your divine wisdom and have the mind of Christ. I pray for those mentioned that if they do not know you as their Lord and Savior, laborers will walk across their path so they may know the truth of your love and forgiveness. I pray that they are prosperous in  their careers, finances, and relationships. I pray for wholeness and health in their spirit, soul and bodies. Lord, I thank you for all you've done, in Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

Now, if a name comes up on my list and I see that they posted about some issue they are facing, I pray for that as well because John 15: 13 states Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. Maybe I can't physically help them but their is definite power in prayer and the greatest part is it causes me to forget my self for as long as it takes for me to pray for all these people. 

I get myself off my mind.

Now I know not everyone who reads my blog is a Christian, and that's okay. I hope that my words and actions make you want to know Jesus more but regardless of your faith, I hope the message can be adapted and applied to your life in some way. After all, love and forgiveness are universal languages.

Yet, if you do call yourself a Christian, no matter your denomination, you should be actively practicing love and forgiveness as an act of your faith.

Believe me when I say it's not always easy but with God, all things are possible. :)

With that in mind, you should realize that Jesus forgave you of your sins so if he can forgive you of whatever you may have done in your past, you can forgive others no matter how NASTY they may be.

Look, I'm not telling you how to live your life. 
I just wanted to share what God has shared with me.
If you want to start doing a forgiveness project of your own, be prepared to feel happier, at peace, and like you are changing the world because with each prayer for another, each kind word on someone's post, each action taken in support of someone, you are. 

Until next time, I hope you have a Blessed Valentine's Day and see God's goodness every single day.

Also, if you need prayer, please let me know. 

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,
~Just Keep Swimming~

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#WriterRevelations: The Landmine of Laziness

Let me just start by telling you guys something no one knows or has caught on to. I posted that last blog about confidence then I went into this whole spiral of emotions and excuses. I started skipping days for writing, even my daily Bible study was half-hearted at best.

Then, God started being hella direct about what he wanted me to realize.

I've been practicing laziness.

So anything that God shared with me is what I am going to present to you.

The book of Proverbs gives us a description of the lazy person.

See,  I've been making and practicing excuses for poor work ethic and not showing up.

Did you know that excuses can take another form?

Blaming others for your life not being all that it could be is totally an excuse that most people don't even realize they live daily.

The reality is we are called to walk in discipline and service to God. We are to work with diligence in all we do.

Stop blaming your home environment (my favorite excuse for not doing what I should be doing. Truth: I spend too much time on my phone).

Stop blaming your self-esteem (don't like the way you look? Eat healthier. Stop binge eating late at night)

Stop blaming the way someone is treating you ( Check your negative attitude at the door, bro).

Treating our work like an extension of our service to the Lord changes our attitude. Pleasing Him motivates us to do our best and inevitably results is the believer's contentment. A job may be challenging, frustrating, or boring but we can be at peace instead of wallowing in negative emotions.

Don't worry if your job isn't like walking the red carpet every day. No one's is. Faith is forever. Feelings are fickle. Faith has nothing to do with feelings. Go take a break. Close your eyes and pray your way through the rest of your shift and head back out there and do your best work as if every customer, client, or reader is Jesus in disguise because well, they truly are.

Feeling Down? Say This: I'm going to focus on the goodness of God in my life today. Whatever I may have lost is nothing compared to all I have gained in Christ.

So join me in catching yourself and all your lazy habits and telling them to hit the road.

Let's make the most of each and every day in order to give glory to God therfore HAVE FAITH and DO GOOD from the minute you wake up to the minute you fall asleep.

It's 2017 and there is already enough self-absorbed hurting people in this world. Let's be world changers, peace makers, and examples of God's GREAT love to all that we interact with.

This includes on social media. (Blog coming next week on that).

Until next time, remember:

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,
~Just Keep Swimming~

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