Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where To Begin

My life has become a realistic fiction novel... I'm in love. Yet, I'm not in love with the person I have believed I was in love with for the past five years.

Nope, I'm in love with not being in love. I'm in love with being in like with this person. We mutually like each other and we hang out but we are not dating. That's up to the male to decide. Guys like the chase and pursue so therefore, he has to approach me if he wants to date me.

Anyway, remember the guy of five years that I loved. Well, I realized that I no longer love him as anything more than a friend. I will always be here for him as a friend but I don't want to date this person, etc. You can thank the guy that I like for making me realize this.

I also realized that all that I believed was love was not love. I've been fooled to believe many things over the past five years but one thing all of it taught me was that God did create a man just for me but this person is not that person. Also, I've learned what love shared between two people is: Love(adj): An emotion shared between two people who stop wanting to change the other person for the better but want to accept them for everything they are even at their worst♥

Wrote a new poem and posted it on poemhunter. It's called That Should Be. It is about the guy I like. Check it out.

Until next time remember, sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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