Sunday, April 1, 2012

God calls the weak so they may become strong♥

     Happiness is a form of courage...Have you ever felt like God calls you to do something? You just know it in your heart because everywhere you look, the path of your life reflects that talent or that field of study or that passion. That's the reason I'm a writer. I knew from a young age that there was something supernatural happening every time I would write. Even now, people are amazed at how talented I am as a writer. I can't explain it other than say, it's all God's doing. He's given me this gift to reach people in ways I by myself could not.
      As most of you know, I have been an accounting major minoring in English here at Saint Leo University.
I recently sat down with my advisor, and even though what he told me I already knew, it still hurt to realize that I'm never going to be successful in accounting. I've tried my hardest and I just couldn't comprehend it.
So, as of Thursday at 10:45 am, I am officially a marketing major with no minor.

     As a marketing major, I will be able to use my creativity from my talent as a writer and work to come up with slogans and design advertisements to entice consumers to buy the products I sell. I already have experience in Marketing, though because as a self-published author, I already market myself and tell people why my books are the best.

    I have already gotten two people elected on my school's campus for student government positions just because of my persuasion and voice alone.

Some of my best marketing I've ever done was in this video for my skater friend, Ryan Sheckler when he was up for a Do Something Award back in 2010.

My first marketing class I took here, I really enjoyed and I even got an A in the class. I am finally excited about my career studies and my future career in marketing. The only bittersweet fact about the whole thing is that I will not be able to graduate with most of the people I started out with as a freshman here at Leo. Even though it makes me sad, I'm actually going to get another year to prepare for my future career. It's as if God knew I wasn't ready for it all to end. :)

God doesn't just call you to a career to reach people. Every day, God calls you to love. God calls you to be a friend, even if that person hurts you. Remember Jesus said to turn the other cheek, not so you can be burned again but because it's the only way people in this world learn the depth of real love the way God intended it. God intended love to be a circle of acts of forgiveness and love.♥
Until next time, 

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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