Friday, December 7, 2012

End of Semester Blues

Happiness is a form of courage...Alright, hope you're seated all nice and comfy because I have quite a story to tell you.

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened. Well not a lot but look at you. You're all excited now! Woo!!!!

Basically, this may be my last semester at Leo.

             It's all because financial aid messed up my money this year. I was supposed to get more than I did last year but they gave me less and with more classes and upgraded housing, the bill wasn't cheap. Therefore, as of this moment, I owe Saint Leo 2167.00. I'm still trying to get aid but they are being difficult and not giving me a straight answer.

-________- (in case you are not up on emoticons, this basically means ultimate whale face aka a "are you serious?" face.)

I would love to come back next semester and finish up but without the bill paid and the hold removed, I still cannot register for classes. I have two semesters left. This is really wrong. Especially with all my health concerns and such.

Basically at this point, I either need your money or your prayers. Whichever you feel you should send my way.

If you would like to help pay this bill, please contact me via Facebook or Twitter DMs.

Anywho, I'm looking to God and know that he wants me to fulfill my destiny and I don't believe my destiny includes me leaving Saint Leo before I graduate. Yet, if it does, I trust him. He's the only one with the answer and the solution. God grant me peace during this stressful time.

Recently, I went to Saint Leo's annual Winter Formal with my sisters and my roommate Genny.

 Don't we look fabulous♥
 My sisters and I before the formal.

 Jamie in her dress.

 Jayde and I.

 Jayde in her dress.

Overall, the most fun I had at formal was buying a cocktail at the bar and then having a buzz feeling pumped. One of my guy friends asked me to dance and as soon as I was on the dance floor suffering from CRD since there wasn't much of a dance floor. Then, the music just stopped. Literally, I heard crickets.

Yep, I wasn't meant to dance at this year's Winter Formal.

And if I stay at Leo, I won't be going to another formal again.

Overall, this semester was both good and bad.

The good things I will remember about this semester are as follows:

1. Coming back to Leo and everyone was happy to see me.
2. Realizing what it means to be roommates versus friends.
3. Making new friends (Rose and Janette to name a few).
4.  Realizing I started at this school without a boyfriend and I don't have to finish up at this school with one either.
5. Realizing how great of a person I am. (Not bragging. Just found myself.)
6. Making my friends laugh and staying true to my standards.
7. Going clubbing for the first time
8. Buying my first drink myself at Winter Formal
9. Airheads
10. Despite my health, making it through this semester.

That's just a few of the many things I will always cherish about this semester.

 Last night I came home and Max sent me his autograph. If you don't know who Max Schneider is, google him. He's so talented and super duper cute. It was such a blessing.

As I finish this blog, I found out I will be coming back next semester. I just have to come up with $300 dollars and then I can register for classes. Yay :D Senior year, here I come! Internship over the summer. Here I come, also. Yay!

Until next time,
Luck is for those prepared to lose. Grace is for those who are prepared for victory. 

Love Times Infinity,

God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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