Saturday, January 12, 2013

Becoming Who God Wants Me To Be♥

Happiness is a form of courage...I'm back at Leoland, and badder than ever. Bad in the good sense of the word, if there is one.

    On Monday night, I came back and moved all my stuff (somehow it seems to multiply. Thanks to the Blessing!) back into my apartment.

   In the process of moving back in, I found out I had a new RA and a new roommate.

   It seems like this new year is going to be all NEW which I'm more than fine with.

    On Tuesday, I started my first day of classes. Both of my marketing classes are at 8 a.m. which is a struggle in itself because I love sleep but I realized now that I've been in college for four years that I like being done early in the morning so I can be up and get more done throughout the day.

    My first marketing class though is marketing research, and I'm really nervous about it because it seems to be a lot of work and a lot of group work and speaking in public as well as a presentation at the end of the semester.

 My second class on Tuesday/Thursdays is a Tourism class which I also have a group project/presentation in. Yet, it's not as much work as the marketing class so it will be educational but relaxing after my high-strung marketing class.

My only class on Monday/Wednesdays is my other marketing class called Social Media Marketing. I also will have a group project/presentation in this class at the end of the semester, as well. Yet, I know the professor and some of the people in the class so I feel better about this marketing class than the prior one.

Overall, I see a pattern. Lots of presentations, lots of group work, lots of communication and interaction.

I was going to drop the marketing research class at first because I was so scared of it but I've realized God is going to use this semester to bring me out of my shell so I won't be shy anymore.

    All my life I've struggled with being shy because my classmates never really liked me, and people I considered friends always walked out on me when I needed them most so I've always just stuck to being independent for the most part, and doing most things by myself.

   For example, one thing I really enjoy doing is sitting by myself in the cafeteria. Even if there are people there I know, I will choose to sit by myself because I like my company. Plus, I just like to eat and go be productive so this works best for me.

    Tonight, I sat next to this table full of people. I'm not going to put anybody on blast but I wasn't bothering them. I just sat at the table behind them so I could quick eat and go back to my room in order to finish organizing my Ipod library since I got a new laptop yesterday.

   I was eating and minding my own business when the girl at the table behind me goes, "Oh that girl probably hates people. She's antisocial. Oh, and who is she texting? Her mother?"

   For some reason, people have always misunderstood why I sit alone. I don't sit alone because I'm avoiding people. I sit alone because people avoid me. Plus, I'm confident enough to sit by myself and not worry about whether people think I'm antisocial or not.

And to that girl who wanted to say something about me because it was so necessary, yes, I was texting my mother. She's one of my best friends. And she always wants to know that I'm eating and eating good. Sorry you don't text your mom and she doesn't care enough about you to text you to ask if your eating. Must be a sad life you lead.

Thank God I'm blessed with parents that care about my well-being and check up on me a lot even if I am twenty one years old.

Until next time, "The people, who are trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Music is my way to light up the darkness." - Bob Marley ♥

Love times Infinity,

God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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