Sunday, April 14, 2013

Forget Woodstock; It's all about Bullstock♥

Happiness is a form of courage...For those of you who don't know what Woodstock was, let me explain it for you in simple terms. Woodstock was a 3 day music festival in 1969 that promoted peace and music. It was an outdoor music festival where people could just enjoy the music and each other.

      Much the same way,USF Bullstock was an imitation of that. For those that do not know what Bullstock is, it is similar to Saint Leo's Spring Fling but with bands people actually have heard of and a ton more people. Just like Spring Fling, Bullstock takes place out in a wide open grassy field with two stages for concerts, a rock wall, bungee jumping, free food, etc. Yet, unlike Spring Fling, one of my favorite bands was going to be there: Hot Chelle Rae, along with popular bands like Owl City and All-American Rejects.

I had been waiting a year to see Hot Chelle Rae in concert and promptly at 7:30p.m. on April 12, 2013 they took the stage, and my breath away. My breath came back of course because I screamed my lungs out during the entire show. Hot Chelle Rae is made up of four members: Ryan Follese (lead singer/guitar), Jamie Follese (drums), Ian Keaggy (bassist/background vocals), and Nash Overstreet (guitar/ background vocals). They write all their own songs which are all ah-mazing. Excuse me, for fangirling.♥

Overall, their set was ah-mazing. They played good song after good song. I had such a good time. Even the beer I sipped before the show couldn't give me the high I was feeling during the entire show. I'm so excited for their new album and really want to get their band tee and some band merch.

After standing for exactly three hours in the same spot, we were all tired and decided to leave. (Plus, most of us had to pee). 
Yet, before the show we all looked super cute.

On Saturday, I chose to rest the whole day. This was my day yesterday♥

     Before I got all beach beauty worthy, I had a photoshoot with my dogs.
 Katrina is such a little beauty. 

 My mom; my hero♥

 Geniveve; my best friend♥

 Hazel and Katrina; two buddies♥

 Aren't they cute?♥

 Katrina's selfie♥

 My mom with the girls♥

 Beach beauty♥

 Overall it was an extremely blessed weekend. This Wednesday I move back home for the summer. Not looking forward to moving everything back but excited to have a productive summer of writing♥

 Until next time, remember: Human love is better than anything in this world with one exception: God's love. His love is outrageously wonderful-precious beyond value, yet totally free. -David Jeremiah

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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