Monday, September 28, 2015

#MusicMonday: Andy Mineo's new album Uncomfortable will have you feeling anything but

    I'm a music lover. And I always give a song two listens before I decide if I consider it music worth listening to. I feel I'm a little biased when it comes to Christian music simply because I tend to gravitate toward it most often only because it gives me hope, encourages me, speaks truth, and doesn't give me a headache. Christian hip hop is the same way for me.

   On September 18, 2015 Reach Records released Andy Mineo's second studio album, Uncomfortable. If you aren't familiar with Andy he's a New-York based rapper known for his spiritual yet progressive lyrics. It hit the #10 spot on the U.S. Hot 200 Billboard chart.

Song By Song Review

"Uncomfortable":  Talks about how racism isn't dead despite our President being black and how Christians need to stop condemning the LGBQT community, Jesus wouldn't act like that. Hard hitting musically and lyrically, it's a great opening track to the album. 

"Uptown": It's an ode to Andy's Washington Heights roots. My favorite lyrics in this song: 

"Now I Know": Mineo discusses all the lies he's realized throughout his life. 

"Desperados":  Favorite lines off the track:

"Hear My Heart": A track Andy wrote in honor of his deaf sister

"David's Roof": A track that introduces the one that follows it it is scripturally based off of 2 Samuel 11 when David is looking at Bethsheba from his roof. The song's only verse in English is translated: Prepare me for the war because comfort is the fall of kings, is the fall of kings.

"Rat Race": A track about running your own race and how people hate when they start envy someone else's race when they should be running their own:

"Know That's Right": A song that thanks the fans who voted for his song, "You Can't Stop Me," as the Best Walk Up song for MLB and he received a Whammy from ESPN. 

"Vendetta": Andy gives a shoutout to 2Pac and said he did more for him than Barack because politicians are out of touch with "the struggle" of society unlike the artist who understand being outcasted for their perspective of "the struggle.": 
 This is one of my faves simply because I'm just glad someone had the guts to talk about this issue.

"Ghost": Addresses the people Andy's lost connection with in his life.

"Love": In this song Andy talks to love as a person and talks about what he’s learned about love over the years. It’s not a ballad to his wife as expected, but expressing his love for love.

"Strange Motions": A song about a relationship that has you second guessing your relationship with God.

"Make Me A Believer": A song based on David's repentance in Psalm 51 about how God's love increases one's faith:

If it isn't obvious, I highly recommend Uncomfortable for any Christian or non-Christian alike.

Until next time, remember: The only way that you get acceptance is when you know you don't need it, yeah. Freedom is a mindset, and I ain't in my prime yet. -Andy Mineo♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~

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