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#WriterWednesday: The Book Courtship Book Tag

One of my writer friends did this on her blog and although she didn't tag me, I wanted to do it because there is nothing I love more than books. Scratch that, I love dogs and God almost equally as books but basically books are high on my favorite things list.

Phase One: Initial Attraction: A book that you bought because of the cover?

This book was given to me as a Christmas gift but as far as the cover, I automatically fell in love with it because of the cover and wanted to read it because there was both a cup of coffee on the cover, and a heart shape in the coffee. These were visual signs that wooed me as a reader and made me fall in love with this book. As far as the book goes, it's one of the most compelling YA books I've read by someone other than my three favorite YA authors: Janette Rallison, Susane Colasanti, and Kieran Scott. It's perfectly about a skatergirl who works at a coffee shop. Writing this now makes me want to re-read this book.

Phase 2 – First Impressions: A book that you got because of the summary?

Just when Kelsey is finally fitting into her new California life, C. J. Logan comes along. He's hot, popular, and revered as the best skateboarder around. Girls want to be with him, and boys want to be him. And Kelsey is lucky enough to be his girlfriend. But when she decides that their relationship is over, she could not have imagined what would happen next. With rumors flying, she is forced to figure out who her true friends are and, more importantly, who her true self really is.
This book courted me both by its title and its summary because I found it around the time I realized my obsessive crush on professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler although full of  good intentions was not going to benefit me in the long-term so I stopped writing him fan letters on a monthly basis because I realized I should crush on someone in my local area. Therefore, I related to the gist of the story because skater boys are irresistible but not always good for your overall emotional well-being.

Phase 3 – Sweet Talk: A book with great writing?

I don't typically read books just because everyone else has read them because I don't really follow the crowd at all in any aspect of life but I can say with this one, everyone I knew was reading it because the movie was about to come out so I said, "why not?" And I did not regret it one bit. The book kept me hooked from page one and the writing just tore me up in the best way. It's John Green's best work. I've read his other books Paper Towns  and Looking For Alaska and I didn't enjoy them as much I enjoyed this book. Can I please find my own Augustus Waters? He's like the perfectly imperfect dream guy. I mean, Zac Efron actually has some tough competition there for my heart....

Phase 4 – First Date: A first book of a series which made you want to pick up the rest of the series?

I have yet to read Susane Colasanti's City Love series but for this, I would have to say this is what happened when I read the 50 shades of grey series. Again, everyone was making a fuss and I was like, do I take a swig out of this elixir or do I not? And once again, I tried it. And once I started reading them, I realized they weren't sex books like everyone was calling them. They were romance novels hidden underneath very explicit sexual prose here and there. Basically, they appeal to everyone's interests. 

Phase 5 – Late Night Phone Calls: A book that kept you up all night?

With this book, I actually stayed up late to read the last 100 pages because I just had to know what was going to happen. It's still my favorite book in the series because of the plot line when Bella had to choose between Edward and Jacob. 

Phase 6 – Always On My Mind: A book you could not stop thinking about?

This book after I read it changed my whole view of life as I knew it. It reminded me what truly mattered by cleverly telling a love story about how you can chase the guy who appears perfect but really isn't perfect for you or you can allow yourself to fall for the guy right in front of you. This is still my favorite book I've ever read.

Phase 7 – Getting Physical: A book which you love the way it feels?
This is pretty broad and a hard one for me because I don't really remember owning any of those books with the special sensory pages so I would say any book I've ever read because I've never read any book that wasn't physically in front of me. I actually prefer regular books in print to electronic books because I struggle to read books from a computer or tablet screen but that's just me.

Phase 8 – Meeting the Parents: A book which you would recommend to your family and friends?
For this, I would recommend anything by Susane Colasanti, Janette Rallison, or Kieran Scott. They are my favorite YA authors and everything they write is just great and I imitate their style of writing when I write my own fiction.

Phase 9 – Thinking About the Future: A book or series you know you will reread many times in the future?
I've already re-read Waiting For You multiple times and Janette Rallison's books as well. And I'm planning on re-reading Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty now because why not? Isn't that why books are written so that they can be read and re-read over and over. I would hope when I write a novel worth reading that my readers read it over and over and share it with their friends, blog about it, and tweet about it that it becomes as big a phenomenon as Harry Potter or Twilight. 

Phase 10- What are you reading right now?

For this step, you are really supposed to tag other people to do this blog as well but since that went so well for the 777 challenge, I'm not going there again.

Instead I'll share the books I'm currently reading: 

So far, this book is extremely relatable and scary true that I'm wondering if Katie actually used my love life as her muse for this book. For all of my other #foreversingle friends, this one is a must read! Check it out. 

This book I picked up when looking for writing books at my local library. It's basically telling me a lot of what I already know but after each subject's chapter it recommends other books to read. It's like a writer's bible of sorts.

What I plan to read: 
The other three books pictured here are other books I picked up at my local library in order to help me find ways to help me get my fiction writing love back. After working on a memoir for three years, I'm struggling with both a YA project I started prior to November and my #NaNoWriMo novel but I'm hoping these books will help me get my overall passion for the craft of fiction writing back. 

Speaking of #NaNoWriMo, I started my novel and have written a total of 472 words so far out of the goal of 50,000. I'm not too sure I will make the goal (especially with having two freelance jobs, one part-time job, and two internships) but I'm going to make progress when I can. Here is the book cover I created to sign up on you want to join the crazy crusade, please go there to sign up and for a bunch of other fun clickable links to writing goodies and swag for writers:

Until next time, remember: "I'm not happy when I'm writing but I'm more unhappy when I'm not. -Fannie Hurst Click To Tweet This

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming!~

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