Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#WriterWednesday: God Can See The Heart of the Matter

I'm sorry for my lack of updates but I've been busy working on lots of different things.

First, I got chosen to help Rachel Platten on Wildfire Tour when it stopped in Orlando. That was fun and I posted a video about it which you can view here.

Next, I was basically picked apart when I submitted my memoir into a Pitch contest and the editor wasn't helpful to me at all for both making my pitch better or for my self-esteem. I'm not someone who usually gets knocked down just because of one rejection but her feedback wasn't nice at all.

Then, out of nowhere, the day following receiving said email, I found out I was 1 of 25 picked to compete in this year's Pitchapalooza. I didn't end up winning but I'm totally okay with that.
 One thing I realized is how much I hate social media based contests even though I know that if I ever want to make it as an author, my social media platform is hella important. I'm not exactly popular in the eyes of social media standards although people have literally started arguments and debates over my tweets since I started my Twitter in 2009. For me, social media has always been  I started out the contest messaging people via Twitter and Facebook. The response on Twitter was pretty warm as people there are just basically welcoming and encouraging. Yet, I realized that my Facebook friends for the most part are cold-hearted snakes. They just ignored my message sent over Messenger or Facebook IM and one even deleted the post I placed on their Facebook timeline.

Then, I was advised by my fellow writer friend to message people via Goodreads, and I added LinkenIn to that list. For the most part, people here were the most responsive other than Twitter. My last minute effort was messaging a few accounts on Instagram and I only got one person to vote for me there. Another account who may have been a fake account messaged back: No please stop spamming us.

I just felt so defeated and THEN I realized that this wasn't my battle, this battle is the Lord's.

Beside the Rachel Platten dream come true- somebody please pinch me-did that really happen opportunity, I also got PAID to write my first blog post which was so amazing, and The Smart Cookie Philes is really taking off (I now am an official reviewer for REUTS Publications). Plus, I finally have an interview for a job I'd really enjoy having while I await my debut as a publicist.

   To sum up what I'm saying, I could have let that editors words, those people ignoring me, that blatant NO take me down and defeat me, forcing me like invisible chains to stay seated in a puddle of defeat and rejection.

Or I realized that God can see the heart of the matter. God can see my passion, my talent, my dedication, my heart for people, encouraging and inspiring them, whoever they may be, and he wants to honor that and my faith in Him.

Plus, I realized that Facebook is no longer productive for me as a human (post-grad realizations) so I've since deactivated my personal page and now ONLY have an Author Page. Since I deactivated, I noticed more people acknowledged my posts there and I know I've made the right choice.

Now, I am currently participating in CampNaNoWriMo, it's a virtual writer's retreat sponspored by National Novel Write Month. I have 30 days (less now: 24 days remaining) to write the word count which I set: I chose 30,599 because I want to finish my WIP: Kickflip My Heart. Yet, I've only written 599 so far in two days. Plus, I'm writing a stanza a day for #NationalPoetryMonth.

So, if like me, you are up for a vote of being Fan favorite please let me know because I will vote for you regardless of your religion, political views, race/ethnicity, or even if you happen to think Cats are better than dogs. I want to support people with love and encouragement regardless of what makes them who they are and just accept them for who they are period: A PERSON.

Whatever support I can lend, I would be happy to. Comment below if you would like my help or vote.

Until next time, remember

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~


  1. Oh. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.
    Keep submitting.

    1. It's totally fine Lux. And thank you I will.


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