Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#WriterWednesday: A Birthday For The Books (and Lessons Learned)

I bet you can't believe your eyes right now and I don't blame you there. I haven't blogged here in quite a while so it actually feels foreign and incredibly freeing to be doing so.

Before I get to my birthday, I just want to say how grateful I am to finally have a job and one that I actually love. Yes, you could say for most of my life, I've had a habit of checking people out. First, with my job at the Saint Leo University campus library and now with my job as a cashier for Wal-mart.

There are good days and bad days with every job and mine has no exception. As you are reading my birthday story, you'll see how my job fits into the scheme of things.

It all started on a Wednesday, two weeks ago, particularly on July 27, the one year anniversary of my best friend Geniveve entering heaven on a rainbow bridge. I knew the best way to honor her on that day was by living my life to the fullest. So I bought a vision board and finally put one together.

For proof, visit:

Then, my sister and I already made plans to have a late lunch of sushi to celebrate my birthday but then she offered to pay for me, and I was completely in awe of how blessed I am.

I ordered sake which I had never tried but the International Hospitality and Tourism minor in me jumped at the chance to try something culturally ethnic. (go ahead and laugh)

For a video of me trying it as well as a quick slideshow with rad music, click here!

Then, Jayde suggested I try a margarita at the sushi place since this was the first time I was eating there, and I order one.

After I tried the regular margarita, the waitress comes over with another but a different flavor and says,

We didn't know if you were going to like that flavor so we made an extra one just in case. You can have it, no charge.

I smiled to myself and as she walked away I said to Jayde, "That was Geniveve saying Cheers! for my birthday."

I got a little watery-eyed for a second then I remembered it's my birthday and queens don't cry on their celebratory day. 

Thanks Geniveve! Love you.

Then, I went to the mall and actually bought some cute clothes at actual stores and even though I spent about fifty dollars or more, I didn't feel bad about it. I needed the retail therapy.

Saturday I was greeted after work by two large boxes on the dining room table. 

It turned out that my paid in full Keurig and new mug with writer quotes came! 

Monday, my dad took me to Einstein Bros. Bagels to celebrate my birthday. 
Naturally, I got the new Twist N' Dip bagel. (oh em gee, it was delicious)

Wednesday, I had a day off and my family had my party 

My parents came in clutch with the dopest gift yet!

 A little money and a little MJ never hurt anyone!

If you want to hear them sing to me, be sure to watch this video.

Thursday, August 4, 2016, I turned 25!!!! at 8:37 a.m.

For my birthday, I decided I wanted to keep it chill by watching a butterfly documentary on Netflix (A Smart Cookie always stays learning even on their birthday).

I got all dolled up and my family and I went to Chili's

(For $5 Magaritas, duh)

It turns out that the waitress's birthday was the next day, Friday August 5th. How cool! #Leopower

All in all, I had a great birthday but shortly after I got done eating my fill at Chili's, adult life set in and umm, I guess I had to go to work.

I wore this pin thinking I would run a small social experiment: Would people say happy birthday to the cashier checking them out?

Turns out, the results were a hard pressed NO!
Absolutely no one I checked out said a word about my button or anything. I'm totally fine with it because I still got paid (for being born) but hey, just goes to show how unaware of things people really are.

I came home and Jayde's boyfriend wished me a happy birthday before handing me a card

(I pretty much looked the same when he handed me the card)

Turns out he gave me a $15 Dunkin gift card too! Totally schweet!

Then, my sister Jamie came home and ended up giving me $15 in Florida Lottery scratch-offs and I won $18 on them.

Such a rad quarter of a century birthday!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy day, took time to acknowledge my day, or gave me a gift! You so totally ROCK!

Plus, my site officially has some affiliates now and I'm totally stoked for that as well. 

Plus, up in the left hand corner of this blog, you can click the cover image to my new re-write of my first two novels. Feel free to read the first five chapters. It's still in it's draft stages but if I get two comments on the story, I'll post two more chapters for you! Don't forget if you like it to share it with your friends.
So never fear, take the good days with the bad, and celebrate the heck out of life because you only get one! 

Until next time, remember: God never gets weary. When we are weary, we can overcome it by waiting on Him, trusting that He will do what we cannot do. -Joyce Meyer

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~


  1. Happy birthday again, dear.
    You really are so blessed.

    1. Thank you again, Lux! It was a great week! :)


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