Tuesday, September 6, 2016

#WriterWednesday: Someone is ALWAYS watching

Lately, I've been dreading going to work. And not because I don't like it or really don't need the money. I definitely do but because I feel like no matter what I do at work, I get yelled at.
I've come to realize that wherever I am while at work and no matter what I am doing, I am being watched.

Managers have my schedule and log my breaks and meal times on their palm pilot. (They know when you take a break longer than 15 minutes). They know if I clock in early, clock in before putting my stuff away, or clock out early.

They know if I'm late, if I've called out. All thanks to the great and powerful concept of technology.

Plus, they know everything I do while at the register or walking around the store (there are cameras everywhere).

Just this past week, I felt like I was literally being fitted for a customized ball and chain. I felt less enthused to go to work and more as if I was just someone in a cage asked to play a role, and they promise to feed me.

Yet, I have to perform the role just right or else. And it made me start to feel like I wanted to give up but I knew that was the last thing God wanted me to do.

Plus, the truth of the matter is this:

In the long run, all these mistakes that are embarrassingly being called out in front of customers and other associates will make me a stronger person.

A strong person who got through their job because not only did they know that the all seeing eye was watching and listening.

So no matter how hard I am tested with this job and the people I must respect in order to keep it, I REFUSE to give up.

God sees you and me and he hasn't forgotten about the dream he's placed in each of our hearts.

One day when I'm a huge PR executive for a A-List PR firm, I will look back and laugh at how far I've come.

One day when people are writing reviews about my novels, I won't break or change who I am and how I write to please them because I know WHOSE I AM.

Until next time, remember:

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  1. That's the spirit, girl.
    I think every job has its own challenge. Even us working at home face different challenges still. If only every people we meet are kind and polite. Ideal world!


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