Thursday, October 1, 2009


Teenage Author stuck in Reality... Not that I have lost my faith, I just need everyone to know that don't rush into college. Wait a year and then go. The reality is college sucks. At least, freshman year anyway.

1. Your roommate would rather hang out with a little minion than her own roommate and come in at all hours of the night.
2. Your alarm clock doesn't work properly so you constantly feel like a failure because you continue to miss your classes.
3. The girls are still as catty as they were in high school. They tell you there won't be cliques but THERE IS cliques.
4. For the most part, the boys still have yet to see their balls drop so they still act like pricks in that they lead you on when they have a psycho lesbian gf. Or, they ignore you and just stare at you and hope you will come over and talk to them.
5. They said the professors would be nice and they would care about you. Not true. Saint Leo is just like any other school.
6. The books cost a fortune so make sure you start investing now. Yes, I am talking to all you five year olds out there.
7. Some people would rather hang out with the party animals aka the drunk bums because in all reality, they wish they had your life.
8.On Campus jobs suck. They pay you minimum wage and fail to inform you of the time sheet procedures so this way your time sheet is turned in wrong and they don't have to pay you for all the hours you worked.
9.The homework piles up if you don't work on it right away. You are forced to manage your own time. That leaves no room for gallavanting around campus marketing flyers about your books.
10. In the words of Flo Massaro, "College Food sucks."

Until next time don't go to college. Work a part-time job for another year, save up all your loose change, then go to college.

Love Times Infinity,

~Laugh in the face of the devil. Jesus did.~

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