Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a month.

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... February has turned out to be and it is already over. Goodness! Time flies.

Well, had a wonderful ending to my month. Wrote a poem on Friday that I entitled Toy Recall. I suggest you read it for face value as a poem rather than trying to figure out who it is about or knowing who it is about and judging me for it...

On Saturday, My baby sister Jamie Taylor turned 13. This means that I am officially old. :P Had a wonderful day with her making blooper reals and such to songs such as Drop it Low by Ester Dean and LMFAO's I'm in Miami Bitch! :D Funnn! :)

Today(Sunday), I went to Busch Gardens and saw Pat Benatar live in concert! It was radical, dude. :P No, it was pretty kewl considering I actually knew some of her songs unlike my David Cassidy experience. haha. Then, after visiting the Big Busch we visited our fave fast food place, Taco Bell and ate our hearts out in terms of how much food we consumed.

Two weeks till spring break!

Until next time, in the words of the singer Kat Deluna: Do what you want like nobody's watching! :)

Love Times Infinity,
May God Bless You!

~Just Keep Swimming!~

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