Thursday, November 17, 2011

I need a getaway from my getaway...

Don't be a wallflower in the dance of life...When I went to college, I imagined that I would go there and never want to leave. That I wasn't going to go home much because I would be happy with my new life at college.

Now that I've been at college for two years already and am working on my third, that vision of college is completely shot to hell.

People don't care about you for the most part. They are selfish, and all about themselves.
People who you think are your closest friends aren't always there for you.
The classes are so much harder and even if you study your ass off, you still only get C's.
You basically pay thousands of dollars of tuition to teach yourself the material needed for class.
You almost always work the maximum amount of hours at your student job only to have to give it back to your fucking greedy school.
The guys have less balls than they did in high school except for the ballsy slime balls who only just want what's in your pants.

Speaking of guys, I've decided I no longer believe in love. I've lived 20 years with insanely high expectations of love because of Disney movies, movies in general, books, music, and television. Love is everywhere and being that I've never dated anyone in my life or been kissed, I constantly feel like this:
When is it my turn?
What is wrong with me?
Why don't guys like me?

I mean, I'm not trying to be vain but I'm not ugly in the slightest and I've got a lot to offer:
I'm smart
I'm funny
I'm classy
I've got morals
I'm polite
I've already established myself as a writer
I'm independent
I'm loving
I'm sweet
I care too much
I'm generous
I'm dramatic
I have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ
I'm faithful
I'm loyal
I'm honest
I know how to make a mean stir fry
I'm a licensed driver
..........Do you see what I'm getting at?

Look at all I have to offer. Well, then what is the matter with the male population?
I can tell you. Those who are the greatest guys who would treat me right and realize how much I'm worth are taken, and the ones left who are single either are creepy perverts, hung up on their ex girlfriends, or don't believe in God.

So in order to finish up the semester on the right foot and get my life back to the right focus...I'm deactivating my Facebook until the new year.

I'm going to continue to blog on here, update my Twitter, and Youtube but Facebook will no longer exist for me.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving break at home with the fam<3
Going to tan for a week
Going to see some Movies at the theatres
Going to read
Going to relax
Going to do class.
Going to drink lots of wine
Going to eat REAL food cooked by my mother
Going to spend time with my BFFL, Geniveve Rosalynn♥
Going to renew my mind and forget about love and boys for a while
Going to find the joy I had over summer...
Going to surrender my license, most likely.
Going to make crazy memories with my sisters♥
Going to feel loved♥
Going to feel wanted♥

Until next time, "Love can be magic, but magic can sometimes be, just an illusion."♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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  1. That is why I took the semester off. Granted, I still live at home, I'm not off at school. But I totally understand how you feel. Teachers have this insane idea that you should spend all your time studying for their class, no matter how many classes you have, or how many days you work. Not to mention that you do actually need a break in there somewhere, just for fun, to keep your sanity.

    I hate when you go somewhere, like a family party & they ask if you're dating anyone. You're totally right. All of the good ones are taken. *sigh* Maybe there is a perfect guy out there, maybe I'll be 40 before I meet him. But I'm not going to hang my happiness on something that might show up, & I'm not going to settle for slime, either.

    I think you're an amazing person, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


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