Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On The Issue of Love: Both in Poetry and In Thought♥

Don't be a wallflower in the dance of life...Love. It's all we need, right? So why is it so hard to find?

These are the questions that have dogged my thinking process lately and I can't seem to let them go.

You're probably thinking, why write a blog about love at Christmas...wait till Valentine's Day. You're probably right about the idea but a blog about love shouldn't just be written for Valentine's Day. It should be written for the sake of inspiring someone to believe in love again and Christmas is the perfect time for warm fuzzies and inspiring people to believe in love because Christmas is a lonely time for most people. Yeah, it's the time when you cherish your family and friends and lavish them with gifts. Yet, if you are a single girl like myself, you want nothing more than your ultimate Christmas wish to come true: To be kissed under the mistletoe.♥

Who doesn't? Even people unlike myself who've already had their first kiss want to be kissed under the mistletoe.

Can I tell you a secret? I know nothing about romance and dating. Ok, wait let me rephrase that. I know nothing about romance and dating from personal experience. Well, I mean I've done so many romantic things in my 20 years but most of them have \ shattered like a broken glass falling off a table. I, Chelsea DeVries, have not had my first kiss yet even though I am twenty years old and I have not had my first boyfriend yet.

I've wanted my first kiss and first boyfriend since I was about twelve but doesn't mean I just went out and got them. I know some girls and even guys think I'm weird because I just don't go out and get them. I do go out but doesn't mean I want to get them from just any freaking guy out there.

In my eyes, I've waited this long for my first kiss so I might as well wait until it goes to the right guy. A guy who pursues me because he realizes he likes me and doesn't want me or my heart to be given to any other guy then him. A guy who can make me laugh, supports that I'm a writer with a lot of emotional baggage, and the big element that attracts me to a guy is his love for Jesus. If you don't love Jesus, I can't date you because I only date people I may want to marry and I can't marry someone who doesn't love Jesus as much as he loves me. Another thing to add is that I want a guy who is handsome in the nerdy sense. He takes care of himself, stays in shape and has a great body but he's not movie star good-looking. He's just good-looking. Nothing over the top.

The reason I can write romance novels as if I've been kissed and had a reciprocated love is because I read a lot. Most of what I read on romance is books on dating for young adults. For example, some of the titles include:

The Truth about Guys; Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti; and recently Guys Like Girls Who... all by Chad Eastham. They've really helped remind me that I don't need a boyfriend but I want one and what guys really want is a friend.

The problem with me is that when I start to like a guy I obsess over him. I tend to give him too much attention because I want him to realize I like him and ask me out. Let me tell you so far, that has gotten me nowhere. I end up more hurt that way so I've decided I'm going to break my bad habits once and for all.

I'm just going to befriend all the guys in my life, no matter if I like them or not romantically. Yes, it might be hard at first but I know God will train me to be a strong women of God through this and will reward me abundantly with a boyfriend who loves me for me, and the fact that I waited for him.

Last night, I wrote a poem based on this:

It's called On the Issue of Love.

On the Issue of Love

Does he like me?
Maybe yes
Maybe no

Flower petals
fall from a
as each of us

He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me.

To leave my
love life's destiny
in the hands of
fortune cookies,
or numerology

leaves me feeling bleak.

At this rate
I will find my true love
only if
he's compatible
with my sign
with my number
or I happen to pick the right cookie.

I'm sick and tired
of obsessing over that.
Those lies and deceit
are making me fat.

It seems
the only guys
who like me
have creepy peepers
not to mention are
stage five clingers.

Why don't I attract
a nice handsome
nerdy type,
who loves me
as much as

If he likes me, great.
Over this, I will worry no more.
He will only win
my heart

By seeking the Lord.

~Chelsea DeVries~

There you have it. That's my plan for the rest of my life but especially Christmas break. I am going to obsess over Jesus Christ and believe that the right guy will follow.

Will soon be posting a Christmas blog but until then or if I don't post it in time, Have a Merry Christmas from the DeVries Family♥
Remember the reason for the season is the reason to keep on living!

Until next time, here's an excerpt from Guys Like Girls Who...by Chad Eastham: "God has a lot more planned for your life than for you to worry about whether or not someone likes you or if someone knows you like them. He has already chosen the perfect guy and the perfect path for your life, so obsessing over guys really is a waste of your time.He also wants us to spend time with Him."♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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