Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Formal 2011: Welcome to the Zoo♥

Don't be a wallflower in the dance of life...This year I was really looking forward to Winter Formal for two reasons. First, It was at the Lowry Park Zoo so I thought it would be sick. Second, I've had a rough semester and just wanted to let loose and have a good time.

My sister and I got into our dresses and before my sister did my hair she wanted to walk to the dock by the lake and take pictures. So we did. Let the photo shoot commence:
My sister looking HAWT.
Here's me in my dress♥
My sister again.
Another of me looking sick and sexified♥

As we were walking to the dock, some guys yelled out their apartment window that they would have sex with the both of us for ten dollars. Welcome to Saint Leo. Home of the "True Gentlemen" :P The only thing I have to say regarding that is my sister and I are worth way more than that and secondly I would never stoop so low as to get physical with some pig who probably has a small penis. Just saying.

After that ordeal we quickly sped walked back to Benoit and my sister did my hurr. Check it.

We got on the bus after being attacked by a shitload of intoxicated "True Gentlemen." No need to point out the frat involved. If you get that reference, that's all you need. Off we headed super pumped and hella-hungry:

Once we got there and we filled our faces even though we mostly picked at the sucky food, we walked around to take more pictures. (Jayde's favorite pastime is taking pics, btw.) We only took a few before we were told to go back inside the dance. Yep, we couldn't even walk around the zoo. $15 to be caged like one of the animals.
Chelly and Barbie♥
Another of me and Jayderz♥

I went with this studmuffin: Junior Class VP and the First Lady♥

Then we danced the night away. I totes did the wiggle dance, the shuffle, and you know this ghetto booty dropped it low. ;-) My sister and I had to run on and off the dance floor because this guy would not leave us alone but we handled ourselves. We BAD Bitches♥

Before we left we had to take some more pics for you to feast your eyes on:
Can you believe a 22 yr old tried to pick her up? She's only 16.

To be honest, more guys hit on my sister. I'm not bothered by that. I already know I'm beautiful.♥

So that was Winter Formal 2011. I had a great time seeing everyone and shaking what my Momma gave me but overall, last year's formal was better.

Anyway, now going to finish up the semester by BEASTING my finals and then it's off to the 727 area for a month. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I'll explain why in a later blog.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel because my sister and I will be posting one every week over break so please stay tuned for that. :)

Also, If anyone realized I got rid of my Facebook till 2012 then you should know so far I am so much HAPPIER without it. I still tweet though so please follow me if you have a Twitter and are not already.

Until next time, Dance like you'll never get tagged. Love like you've never been "defriended" & Tweet like nobody's following!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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