Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As summer ends; life begins.♥

Happiness is a form of courage...So I'm finally 21! And I want to tell you all about it but first, I should start from the beginning... It all started, hm, I think our story starts at the Big Busch. I visited it and was all excited to finally go and enjoy the park and of course, Congo River Rapids aka my favorite ride was closed. Needless to say, I was hot, sweaty, and smelly (well that was mostly the animal manure) but you get the idea. Much of the weekend is a blur but I have some random pictures:
 Hazel loves me so much!
 Jamie and I acting silly!
 Jamie and I acting cray!
Sunday, my dad bought me $50 worth of goodies for my bday. Such goodies included greek salad, bacon and pineapple pizza, hostess goodies, and Publix cupcakes. :) On Monday, my mom treated me to a movie. We went to see Adam Sandler's That's My Boy. Very funny movie, I must say:
 After that, birthday partying didn't occur until my actual birthday(8/4). As of 8:37 a.m. I was 21 but even before that my phone was blowing up with Fb notifications of some of my closest friends wishing me happy bday. Some of them include:
In total 54 friends wished me happy bday on Facebook, two on Twitter, and two by text. :) I'll let you do the math but I think that's 58. It is sad that a lot of people couldn't be bothered to wish me happy bday. It's only two words. Not that hard to do. Oh well, to each his own. Mom and I :) My first legal drink. It was funny. I ordered a Coco Loco which is served in a take-home coconut head. It's basically a pina colada without the pineapple. It has coconut rum and a hazelnut floater...It was cray good!
 Then we took pictures on Hudson Beach♥
 AFterward, my mom ordered pizza and we had cake. This year instead of Twix Pie, I had Oreo pie. It wasn't as good but it was a change. :)
 Hazel is such a poser :)
 Overall, I had an amazing bday! School is just around the corner so look for another blog before I go back so I can tell you about my goals this year!
 Until next time remember, faith isn't just waiting on God to cause something to happen. Faith is moving despite how bleak the situation looks or how much pain you are in. Faith is knowing no matter what you are facing/dealing with, God is with you and he's ready to lend a helping hand anytime you need him.♥
 Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
 ~Just Keep Swimming~

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