Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Almost Senior Year: Back at Leoland♥

Happiness is a form of courage... To all of you reading this blog, I greet you with a hearty Mirëmbrëma which is Albanian for Good evening in case you aren't Albanian or know Albanian. I wanted to make you a awesome VLOG for the beginning of this blog like last time but Youtube was being a not so nice person and kept disconnecting my webcam so unfortunately, you're just going to have to read this and pretend you can see me telling you all my goals for the Fall Semester while making corny jokes and laughing at myself. (Yes, I just mocked my own videos. I'm allowed).

Goals for Fall Semester 2012:

1. Make the Dean's List: Feel like it might happen since all I do is study lately and because I'm actually in classes and a major that I'm excited about being a part of. Yay Marketing! :D

2. Don't Skip More Than Five Classes: So far, I only skipped one to take a nap but that was because I really needed it and couldn't function without it and being that I'm still in recovery...I think I'm allowed. Yet, don't follow my example unless you too find yourself about to pass out just before leaving for class. Sleep is important.

3. Be Confident in Who I am: What I mean by that is that I want to not be afraid to be myself in classes and when I present and stuff since I'm a marketing major now, and I'm going to have to come out of my shell more. Yet, with everything I've just faced,  I know God can help me overcome my shyness.

4. Make New Friends: Because having real and true friends is awesome and necessary especially when you go through dark times in your life. Plus, learning about other people's views is interesting so I'm always down for making more friends.

5. Join Clubs: So far, I've joined the Social Work Club successfully. Social Work club is a club that  raises awareness about social work and does a bunch of good community things like raise awareness about issues such as Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc. Such a good club to be a part of. The other club I'm joining is the American Marketing Association because it's my major and it's about time I support my major. ( I never once went to an accounting club meeting. Must have been a sign). If there are other clubs I find out about at Leo that I want to join, I'll let you know. (I wish they would have an Albanian club). 

6. Tryout for the the Spring: I recently sang for my roommate and she told me I actually have talent in singing. Besides that, I've always been interested in singing and musical theater since I was a dancer for eight years when I was younger. So since I didn't make it to tryout for this semester's production of Nunsense, I'll be trying out for the Spring production.

7. Last but not least, continue learning Albanian. Since I basically have to relearn it from the summer since I forgot a lot in the hospital, I'm going to spend the rest of the semester learning the basics and then eventually investing in more language products for Albanian and other languages such as relearning Spanish and Italian. Plus, since my roommate is going to Ireland over Thanksgiving, we are going to learn Irish too. Since I'm part Irish that seems like a decent idea. Yay for learning other languages and about other cultures! :D

So last weekend I moved in and my sisters and mom took a whole bunch of random as hell photos so get you go:

 Yeah, you couldn't fit anything else in the car when we left the house. We could barely fit us. 

 Jaydey and I in my own room. 

 Mirror shot.


 Me trying to do the duckface. LMAO.

 Strong like Bull, yo!

 Family pile up.

 My mommy and I....we matched because we are just that good♥

 Jamie on our laps.

 Jayde on our laps.

 The naughy pole ;-)

 Lobby area of my new apartment building♥

 Lobby again♥

 Visited home today after getting some bloodwork done. 

 Found Elm St.

 And no, no sighting of Freddy or Jason.

Until next time,

Just Breathe♥

 Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

 ~Just Keep Swimming~

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