Sunday, January 22, 2017

#MondayBlog: A Poem To Break My Silence


In case you can't tell, I am sick and tired of being ignored, snubbed, pushed under the rug. In my 25 years, I've felt like the only way to make people understand who I really am is to write it.

So I write blogs, poetry, fiction, and I'm waiting patiently for my memoir to find it's way into the right hands to begin publication but honestly, this seems like the only place where I can be ME.

On Twitter, people unfollow me because who I voted for.
On Instagram, people don't like my posts because of who I voted for.
On Facebook, people ignore all my posts except the idiot stuff I share because of who I voted for.

Social Rejection

Muzzle me 
with your ignorance
Read my message 
but don't reply
Unfollow me 
on every platform

I don't care.

Last I checked
the only way into heaven
is due to my faith in Jesus.

So what I choose to 
keep my clothes on
instead of posting a topless
on Instagram

Maybe that's what I am fighting for.

Maybe I am fighting to be heard.
Sick and Tired of Silence.
I have a voice.
I have beliefs. 
And I'm tired of everyone just patting my head and saying,
"Aww Chelsea, you are so sweet."

My sweetness gone sour
Now is the hour
I refuse to be silent 

Sorry I won't bend 
and bow my knee
to your false 
societal pressures,
and idolatry 
of legalized sin.

I choose greatness
I choose to keep my top on,
my eyes on my cup at all times
my legs closed
my nose in a book

So I can learn higher thoughts
so I can aim for higher ways
to live each and every day

So I can be an example
of all that HE teaches me

It's pretty freaking low
of you 
to make me nothing more
than the box next to a name
on a mother freaking 

Drops Mic.

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