Sunday, January 24, 2010

A really good week

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... this past week was.
First, I got out of my human behavior class on MWF and now have it TR at night and it is working out well so far. I like not having to see my frenemies. ;-)

Second, I got out my philosophy class so that I could have a lunch break and also because the professor was a wierdee. Now, I'm taking philosophy online and that online class doesn't start till March 8. :) My friend situation is also improving. I am now surrounding myself with trustworthy, good people and it is working out better than last semester.

Also, I went home this weekend and went to the movies with my family. I saw Tooth Fairy. That was a really good movie and I basically saw it in support of my boy Sheckler but it was good movie overall. Although, I must say I can't see anyone else playing the character Ryan played in it. He was that good of an actor in that film and technically it was his first feature film with a semi-lead role. Also saw The Lovely Bones. That was an incredible movie. I had read the book and thought Peter Jackson really honored the book well with the movie. I also thought the actress who played Susie was amazing. :)

Here's me supporting my boy Ryan Sheckler:

Other than that, I had a nice weekend with the family and my best friend Geniveve Rosalynn. I've got a ton of hw I should be doing right now though, so I'm gonna get started on that.

Until next time, Support the Sheckler Foundation like my girl Geniveve is doing below:
. She's wearing a dog tag that says, "Support Sheckler Foundation."

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming!~

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