Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THE BEST day of my life

Teenage Author stuck in Reality...Well, where to begin. It began and ended with a hello. To a certain "Naked Guy." I woke up this morning and went to breakfast as usual. I went to Economics and Science as usual. I went back to my dorm talked to my Mom and fate walked into my life. 1st Naked Guy sighting of today. Walked to the library picked up some papers that I printed and walked to the student community center aka the lounge and met Sarah. I willed him up the stairs. Naked Guy that is. Then, I broke the 5 month layer of ice of silence between us. What can I say? I felt pretty today. :)
Right after the Naked Guy incident, I got a fortune that said "Romance is about to blosssom."

Other than that, I finally got my best guy friend back. We sat down and talked for an hour and a half about our miscommunication and just talked like old times. I'm REALLY glad we're friends again. :D

Until next time, clear up any miscommunication and don't be afraid to break the ice!

Love Times Infinity,

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