Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get a life...

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... if you're a supposed creeper with a shaved head! Better yet, go listen to my profile songs on my Myspace page:

Got that off my chest and I feel much better!

Yet, not even a creeper can shake me of this feeling that I am blessed beyond belief. :)

Tuesday, I got a fortune in the cafe that read: Love is just around the corner. ♥

You can bet it was right. :) :) :D <3

I'm so freaking smitten. Yet, up until Friday I was stressing from the fact that I had a 5-7 min. presentation to plan and write that I have to present on Monday and I hadn't even started it yet but after work Friday night, I went straight to my room and wrote the presentation and it ended up being exactly 7 minutes. :) I'm so proud of myself!

Then, after sitting out by the pool and getting a rocking tan yesterday, I started writing the research paper that is associated with the presentation and 20 minutes in, I already had 4 pages...30 minutes in I had 5 pages and before I knew it, the paper wrote itself and I'm done! Felt good to get that out of the way! :D

Today just sat out by the pool and felt good because I had nothing to worry about. Matter fact, at brunch this morning I got a fortune that said: Happiness will surround your events this week.♥

Until next time, don't procrastinate and vote sheckler foundation!

Love Times Infinity,
May God Bless You!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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