Sunday, April 25, 2010

When it rains

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... it pours sorta like it is right now here in not so sunny Florida. So happy I am almost home for the summer.

Last week was my best friend Geniveve Rosalynn's 10th bday. She had a really good bday and it only got better when I surprised her by coming home. Here's Geni in her party hat:

Then when I got home I gave her the gifts I bought her and the ode I wrote her and then we had a photo shoot wearing the hat we got from Ryan Sheckler. Check out Geniveve wearing the hat. I think she looks fresh to death! :)

Then of course, I took a billion pictures in the hat: Here's two of my faves.
Exhibit A: I'm a ninja!
As you can see, I had WAY too much fun with the hat and my new Sheckler 4's.

Well, that's about it. Keep Voting Sheckler!

Until Next time, remember friends are more valuable than money!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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