Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Obsessed with having an obsession

Florida born and raised but I've got Jersey in my veins...

Funny thing about obsessions. They are healthy.

Recently, I've become obsessed with Lil Wayne. I don't really understand why but whenever his music comes on, ironically, I'm at peace with the world. Maybe because he just has a way of wording his raps that speaks to me and my Jersey blood but as crazy as it sounds he helps me feel less emotional. When I listen to him rap about the things he wants to do to that one guy he's always talking to in his raps...it sorta justifies my emotions and helps me feel that being this emotional over something so small and petty makes me HUMAN. Either that or I'm a Moon woman. :P

The funniest thing about my obsession with Lil Wayne stemmed from me thinking Lil Wayne was the typical black man who rapped about all the ways he can make money and sex a woman. Well, that and my younger sister is in love with him. I used to yell at her every time she would listen to his music and tell her she should be listening to something more positive.

Today, I've made a complete 180. I freak out anytime I hear about Lil Wayne like a crazy fan girl minus the urge to want to rape Weezy. :P I listen to at least one of his songs once or twice a day. It's come to the point in the obsession-ship where if I don't listen to Lil Wayne, it's usually a real sad day for me. Yeah, his music is my drug.

I became obsessed with Lil Wayne because I got to know who he really was by listening to his music. Yet, some people today are obsessed with the wrong people. The thing about obsessions and even love, they are blind to flaws and imperfections. Real people today are wolves in sheep's clothing. You should be careful who you trust and confide in.

I don't think the world should be obsessed with what they are obsessed with, though. I mean it's great to be inspired by celebrities and public figures but the world today has gone mad obsessing over things that are temporary.

To name some examples beside Lil Wayne,there's Twilight, Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Harry Potter, Bad Girls Club, Glee etc.

I mean, I'm not hating on you liking and enjoying these books, movies, tv shows and people but you should never put any of them on a pedestal and I hope to God no one reading this has a Snooki shrine. :O

I know I'm biased but if anyone should be obsessed over and his words should be like a drug to your soul, it should be Jesus. He's done more for you and me than anyone will ever do. He did it before he ever met you. He died and took all your pain, sin, sickness, poverty, and any life trial you will ever face and carried and conquered it on the cross. Three days later, he rose again out of the gates of Hell just to come back to tell you and me how much he loves us. That's unconditional true love in it's purest form, and if I must be completely honest, there's NO GREATER MAN and will never be another JESUS♥ I'm as obsessed with this MAN as he is with me.

Kewl. At least you finally understand how much of a JESUS FREAK I am.

See how I fooled you? The whole blog I was going on and on about Lil Wayne and you were wondering if I was mentally stable. Gotcha!

Lil Wayne is a lyrical genius but he can never rap to save my life.

Jesus already did EVERYTHING I could ever ask, think, say, believe and receive and for that, I am eternally thankful.

You should be too.

Until next time, here's a quote from my homeboy JC: "Don't let people do that to you, put you on a pedestal like that. You all have a single Teacher, and you are all classmates. Don't set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do. Save the authority for God, let him tell you what to do."-Matthew 23:8-9♥

Have a LOVE-FILLED Valentine's day, loves♥ If any of you are single like me and wondering how you will make it through the holiday, keep your chin up! Do what I do every day of my life. Be intentionally kind to people; sow love. They may not notice but God sure does. With every love seed sown, I believe that I am sowing it toward my future husband and making him perfect through God's hands. Sorry to get all deep and metaphorical on you but you should try it. Sow love this Valentine's day. You never know what may be the reward God will have in store for you because of it. Trust me, it really works. :D

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~

P.S. Jayde, thanks for introducing me to Weezy and his genius. Looking forward to the wedding! :P

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