Monday, March 7, 2011

The Difference between Love and Respect

Florida born and raised but I've got Jersey in my veins...

You would never guess who I saw this weekend. I personally thought I would never talk to this person again or even be able to look this person in the eye ever again.

Did anyone say Ryan Sheckler? I could have sworn I just heard someone say it through the computer screen.

Well, you're right.

On Saturday, I went to the Sk8park of Tampa for the following event which benefitted Boards for Bros.

It was kewl because I finally got to meet a friend of mine that I made over facebook who I met through the Sheckler Foundation:

Here's the star of the show:

What was the best part of the event was seeing how good Ryan was with the little guys. He had incredible patience with them. He really wanted to help them learn the tricks. It was really incredible and it was a side of Ryan I've never gotten to see up close and personal. Besides that, the kids, the teenage girls, and the moms were mobbing and going fan-crazy. The little kids even tried to follow him into the bathroom. LOl. While he was mobbed by fans who only asked him for pictures and autographs, my mother who is such an AMAZING lady decided to be the polar bear that broke the ice and asked Ryan how he was. His face lit up and he was like, "I'm good. How are you?" Then, he smiled at me. :) FYI, his smile was 100% Grade A Cheese. :P For those that don't know me personally, that means it was a real, genuine smile from the heart. Believe me, I've seen enough fake cheese to know the difference.

Yup, he recognized us. After all these years, it's still nice to see that he knows and appreciates us for supporting him and his career. :)

Today was an even greater day. We heard Ryan was going to be with the rest of the Etnies team at the Westside Skate Shop in Tarpon Springs, FL doing an autograph signing. Tarpon is so close to where we live in Port Richey so we knew we had to go and we figured it was time Geniveve Rosalynn got to meet her hero, Sheckler. :)

Geniveve wore her Ryan Sheckler for Prez shirt and was getting a lot of attention. One of the skaters on the line waiting with us took her picture and as always, she posed and he got a kick out of her. He told us, "You're dog is righteous." Skaters are Legit the shit!

Ryan recognized her when she went under the table to greet him. (Yes, she went right up to Ryan. SN: My girl Geniveve is a freaking smart cookie.)

He even told my mom he remembered the shirt. His DQ: "I know that shirt."

We had him sign the shirt and then he took a picture with all of us girls minus Mom.

It was funny because we were the only people Ryan took a picture with. That's just the perks of befriending a skater before he is MTV and Blockbuster film famous.

Seriously, be nice to people. You never know who's going to make it to the top of the fame ladder a year from now.

Moral of the story: I am not in love with Ryan nor in like with Ryan. What I can say is that I have always cared for him and respected him as a person. Yes, not a skater but first and foremost, A PERSON.

Celebrities are people too.

Not going to say I'm a fan of Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, or Chaz Ortiz, etc. I'm just a fan of skateboarding who grew up befriending and supporting Ryan Sheckler because at that point of my life, it was my God-given purpose. See the rewards I'm reaping today.

Tampa Pro next weekend and I have direct confirmation that Ryan is going to be there.

It's going to be sick.

Hope to see you there!

Before I leave you with a final thought, here's what Geniveve looked like after meeting Ryan:

100% Grade A "I just met Sheckler" cheese! LMAO.

Until next time, The friendships which last are those wherein each friend respects the other's dignity to the point of not really wanting anything from him - Cyril Connolly

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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