Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Bared it All

Florida born and raised but I've got Jersey in my veins... If you clicked this blog post in hopes in finding a naked expose of me, you lost, sicko! :)

Yesterday was National Beauty Peace Day and Seventeen Magazine started a pledge to get girls to celebrate peace with their natural beauty by asking them to go make-up free for the whole entire day.

I was all for it and told all my friends to do it. My best friends Peggy and Sarah both did. Here's Peggy, Such a natural beauty.:

And here's two of Sarah, I couldn't pick one over the other because they are both gorgeous♥

And the other one:

Aren't my best friends so beautiful? They are beautiful from the inside out♥

I woke up 30 minutes later than usual and after washing my face, left for breakfast and my college class.

I had assumed that people make such a big deal about whether or not you wear make-up but I was wrong.

I have suffered from bad acne and still don't have a flawless face but I rocked it. Check this pic:

People actually complimented my eye color and my natural beauty more when I wasn't wearing make-up than when I do.

A guy friend of mine even couldn't resist trying to kiss me. :O

LMAO. Here's me Charlie Sheen winning:

The thought that kept me motivated the entire day was that I am a Child of God and he made me beautiful♥ Remember that ladies and gents. You are never nothing. YOU are BEAUTIFUL.

I may not were make-up more often. Guys do appreciate natural beauty, ladies. :)

For more information or to sign Seventeen Magazine's Body Peace Treaty visit <---Copy and Paste. They also have really kewl freebies that you actually win. I've won a few cool things from them. They are still an ah-mazing magazine after all these years in business.

Until next time, remember:‎"Meant to be" doesn't mean "Meant to be now, soon, next year etc." It means "meant to be when everything finishes falling in the right place."♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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