Monday, July 11, 2011

Operating in Faith in a world of Feelings♥

Florida born and raised but I've got Jersey in my veins...Today, I was hit with a realization.

This world operates in feelings. It's all about how we feel.

For example, "I feel something for you." "I don't want to because I don't feel like it." "My prayers don't get answered because I don't feel God hears me." Really? How do you feel that someone hears you? That makes A LOT of sense.

If you're a born again, spirit-filled, Bible-believing Christian, you MUST cast down your feelings and operate in FAITH consistently.

I can tell you it's going to be tough. That means if someone does something mean to you you must forgive them right then and there instead of letting the offense of your flesh react to what they said or did to you.

Even in love, if someone does something without considering "your feelings," love them anyway. Now in saying that, some of you may wonder about cases of domestic violence. That's different. You need to get out of there regardless of your situation because those are the ways that lead to death and Jesus already redeemed you from the ways of death so follow his guidance and he will provide you a safe haven.

Remember what Jesus said on the cross: "Forgive them Father. For they know not what they do." That's the model of how you should react no matter WHAT. It's hard but try it. Next time someone does something to you or says something to you that would be considered harsh towards "your flesh" or maybe they don't do something you want them to, and it upsets you, pause right there where you are, and say, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

After that, pray this: Father, I forgive them for that. I love them and refuse to be moved by their hurtful action( or comment, or lack of action, etc.) Thank you for giving me peace on this matter. I love you and live to serve you. Amen♥

Remember, in consistency lies the power. If you practice it once, eventually you will fall into habit with this way of operation.

People may think you're crazy because they are of the world but you are the son or daughter of the Prince of Peace so obviously you will be lifted to a higher more joyful place.

Maybe seeing you all joyful even after they act or say or don't act a certain way, they will wonder what you got that they don't and in the end will find Christ.

Until next time, feelings deceive; faith believes♥
Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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