Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As Summer comes to a close: Part One

Florida born and raised but I've got Jersey in my veins... This summer besides school, driving, tanning, and cooking, I've had many epic adventures with my family. Like for instance, we all went to Clearwater Beach together as a family. Her's some visuals for your ever-so-curious eye:

And according to my friend Lily who is Mexican, I'm tanner than a Mexican:

Anywho, this blog post isn't about an EPIC adventure. It's about the EPIC movies I've watched so far this summer.

1. Conviction

This movie about a brother and sister who grow up inseparable, and later in life the brother is wrongly accused for a murder he did not commit. The sister goes to school to become a lawyer just to prove her brother innocent. This movie is based on a true story, and was an extraordinary film.

2. Dogs Decoded: A Nova Documentary

This documentary really got me hooked on watching documentaries. I learned a lot about how dogs understand humans better than even humans understand their own species. That is because dogs have become domesticated, they are in tune to our facial expressions, language, body language, etc.

I can vouch that this is true because Geniveve knows me better than I know myself. :)

3. Bridesmaids

This is THE FUNNIEST movie I've seen in a long time. I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes on DVD. I mean, EVERY scene in the movie had something that made me pee my pants laughing. I seen this movie twice so far this summer. :)

4. Never Say Never

As mentioned in a previous blog, this movie made me a Belieber. lol.

It's such an inspiring story and I can see now that Justin Bieber is just living out God's purpose for him but still seeking to give God all the glory. That's how it should be.

5. Waiting For Forever

I rented this movie from Redbox because Rachel Bilson was in it and from catching up on the O.C. this summer, I've come to love her as an actress. Sure enough, she played excellent in this movie. I was surprised how sad this movie was but of course, like most romantic films, it had a happy ending.

6. Just Go With It

I absolutely love Adam Sandler's movies with the exception of Funny People. He is such a genuinely funny guy and you can tell by his roles that he is also a sensitive guy. This movie is no exception. Very funny and really cute with the romance aspect, too.

7. The Dilemma

This movie about a best friend who witnesses his best friend's wife cheating is a typical Vince Vaughn role. It was slow, and somewhat boring. For most of the movie, I thought it was a Ben Stiller movie because it lacked comedy but overall, it was a decent movie that portrayed what true friendship looks like.

8. From Prada to Nada

Not only did I connect to this movie personally because of the love interest that pursues Camilla Belle's character, but I also thought it was a very good movie. It kept my interest and Alexa Vega, Wilmer Valderama, and Camilla Belle were fantastic in it. Definitely going to buy it on DVD soon.

9. Green Lantern

I wasn't surprised that Ryan Reynolds was cast as the lead for this movie. He's talented and good-looking. I was surprised how good this movie was because I typically don't like action movies but I liked this one.

10. Bad Teacher

This movie should get a title change and be called, "Bad Movie." The previews made it seem funnier than it was. Honestly, I thought Bridesmaids bitch-slapped this movie in the face in terms of funny.

11. I Am Number Four

This movie was AWE-SOME. I absolutely loved it and as I said earlier, I don't like action movies typically.

12. Me and Orson Welles

I'm a huge Zac Efron fan. I could watch this guy act for days. He's so good at it. This movie was no exception. It only makes me more stoked for Zac Efron to star in the adaption of Nicholas Sparks' novel, "The Lucky One."

I'm sure before the summer ends I will watch more movies so I will keep you updated...

Until next time, word of advice: love someone despite what others say about u and that person. 9 times out of 10, they can't see what God can see♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless You!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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