Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013: Youtube Style (Top 5 Videos), etc.♥

Happiness is a form of courage...I realized this year how much I love Youtube. It's a free service where you can be entertained. They have music, commercials, movies, and really funny people. You can even discover new talent on there. So, I've decided this year, I'm starting a new trend: a blog about my Top 5 favorite Youtube videos from the year. Without further ado, here goes:

Number Five: "Hold On We're Going Home"-Drake (Cover performed by Max Schneider)

I found Max Schneider technically in June 2012. I turned on Nickelodeon and the movie "Rags" was currently playing and I instantly fell in love. From then on, I've been a Schneider monkey. I've even tried to get him to come to Saint Leo to perform but no such luck. Anyway, now that my crush on him is over, I still support his talent and when he came out with this cover, it was literally when I wanted to marry this song. (Yeah, you read that right). Anyway, in January of 2013, Max's first single/music video came out, "Nothing Without Love." His debut album comes out this year so remember the name because you're going to start hearing a lot about Max Schneider.

Number Four:  Pumpkin Carving with Miley Cyrus (Jenna Marbles)

If you don't like Jenna Marbles, you basically don't have a funny bone in your body. I've always loved her videos and loyally watch every one she uploads but no one makes fun of celebrities better than her. This video is no exception. My favorite part of this video is when she goes, "People always ask me why I do that thing with my tongue. That just means you're fertile." LMAO. So funny!

Number Three:  1 Million Thank You Party -Live Chat with MKTO

In case you don't know who MKTO are, they are a duo of two guys who met on a tv show and instantly became best friends. The duo are called MKTO because not only are the two artists in the duo named Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller but their music is for Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts. They are a pop duo currently about to release their debut album on Jan. 31, 2014 but have already released three hit singles. This year they plan to open for Emblem 3 on the BandLife Tour. They made this video after their music video for "Thank You", their debut single, reached one million views. In celebration, they decided to host a live chat and they recorded it. I love this because you can see how funny they are. It is thirty eight minutes long so only view it if you have nothing left to do. (I watched it when I should have been doing my homework. Oops.) Trust me, if you watch the whole thing, you won't be sorry.

Number Two: Killer In the House Prank (Toppy Nikci)

If you don't know who Toppy Nikci is, then congrats. You live under a rock. Minus the fact that he's my best friend, He's an Albanian-American comedian from New York. He started his channel in August of 2013 and as of December 2013, he had over 500 subscribers. Once you watch one of his videos, you'll be hooked. This video in one word: KILLS. We all love pranking our family but mom pranks are equally the best simply because moms are so sweet and have the best reactions. In this video, Toppy pranks his mom by pretending there is a killer in the house when his mom gets home. Even Ella his kitty is featured. When he mumbles, "some guy...hit me in the head," I die laughing every time. Then his mom screams when "the killer" comes out, hysterical. Hurry up and watch it before the killer gets you! Muhahaha.

Number One: Loving The Elderly (Toppy Nikci)
This video is my absolute favorite this year not only because it's loving and funny at the same time but because it really shows a side of Toppy I know all too well. He's super funny but most people don't know he's also a sweetheart. My favorite part of this video is each of the elderly people's reactions and when this video was interrupted by a random guy asking Toppy about his camera, he replies with his familiar New York accent, "Yeah, exactly." Gets me every time. Hurry up and spread the love. Subscribe to Toppy's channel before 2014 starts because this is his year, people.

Congrats to those that made the list and to the new talent Youtube will discover this year: Hats off to you. May all your dreams come true this year.♥

Before I go, I've been reading Stay Strong by Demi Lovato and in it for today, Demi said to make a list of all you've accomplished this year.

My greatest accomplishments in 2013

1. You only know you love someone when you let them go
2. Forgiveness sets you free and allows you to heal.
3. Starting and writing a good chunk of my book, One Last Breath.
4. Getting better grades in college...(I had straight Bs this semester.)
5. Reading a lot of books and learning a lot more
6. Learning to love me
7. Realizing guys are people too
8. Understanding and coming to a good place in my singleness
9. In order to gain friends, you must know what it means to be a good friend
10. Learning to be thankful and positive

As I was about to post this blog before I did, I wanted a last picture of me in 2013 and unfortunately, my camera broke but thankfully, my sister had her new Nokia Lumia to take pictures on. (I guess smartphones aren't that dumb, after all). So I'm off to celebrate the end of the year with my family and Dick Clark and all the food my mom is about to make so Happy NEW YEAR everyone. ♥

Until next time (and next year), remember, "Today I celebrate all that has been & all that has yet to be. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad..it all makes me..ME. :)"-Mandy Hale♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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