Monday, February 15, 2016

#MondayBlogs: Update on my recent series, Kickflip My Heart

Unfortunately, I decided that Chanillo wasn't the proper home for it.

It reminded me too much of how it felt to be self-published I was paying to use the site to publish and although it was only five dollars a month for me, it just felt like I was paying and nobody was buying.

I apologize to all the winners of my giveaway but this doesn't mean you can't use Chanillo and read some other series on there. I still hope you enjoy it.

This was a creative decision I jumped into and didn't really think through.

Sometimes those types of decisions work themselves out but I personally felt like Chanillo was a bit prejudiced to me as a young author. And for demanding that all writers pay 4.99, it sure wasn't a bargain investment when they don't even help their writers by marketing them.

I will announce soon where my new home is for the re-write (most likely free for now) but thank you so much for helping me come to realize this. It was the lack of support I received while on Chanillo that made me feel too much like I was selling my book chapters when all I really want to do is write them and for them to sell themselves.

Plus, my Chanillo effort showed me who my true friends were so there's also that positive to realize.

And for any writer who is considering Chanillo, you'd be better off releasing your chapters on your blog or on another platform site because no one really even knows what Chanillo is.

Just be warned! It's a scam of sorts.

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