Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 8: Five things that are most important to you in a future mate

Happiness is a form of courage...

Without further ado, here is my five deal breakers when it comes to a man:

1. Faith in Jesus

Jesus is my everything. Without Jesus, I don't think I would even be alive. With Jesus, I become better every day. It's only fitting then that the guy I date (and later marry) have some faith in Jesus. I don't mean that he goes to church every Sunday and doesn't know the Bible. For me, the guy needs to know the Bible so well that it's the end all of how he sets the standards for every area of his life. Nothing society says or does makes any difference if it doesn't meet the standards set by God's Word.

2.Sense of humor

I like to laugh. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't but I really think it's equally important that a guy can make me laugh even when I'm about to cry. My dad has this ability. He can turn anything that is serious and dire and make a joke about it. It's awesome because sometimes life can be really hard so you need someone like that in your life. In the same way, I try to laugh at my circumstances because as a person of faith, the joy of the Lord is my strength and no matter how bad things get, I can be happy despite my circumstances.
Not to mention, a guy that gets my sense of humor is also an automatic keeper because I think I'm funny. Stop laughing. That wasn't a joke.

3. Honest

I consider myself to be an honest person because I have a lot of personal integrity. I don't like to lie. I've seen what lies do to people and what they've done to me and I strongly dislike compulsive liars and fakes. Since that really excludes a lot of people nowadays, I will be overjoyed if the guy I date will always be one hundred percent honest with me (yes, even if he tells me those pants make me look fat). Just tell the truth. You'll be better off. 

4. Dog lover

I like all animals but I have a strong preference for dogs. They are just so cute, soft, cuddly, funny, smart, and each have different personalities just like humans. Plus, they love like God (After all, Dog is God backward). My three dogs are the best things to ever happen to me in this life so far and I'm so thankful for them. I love them so much. A Dog Teaching a baby how to bounce
and here's an extra video in case you too love dogs. Therefore, it's important that the guy I date love dogs as well.

5. Library Card Owner

A guy that reads is the guy I need to find. I've owned a library card since I was three years old and grew up in a house where I was trained to love books. Naturally, that is a love that never dies as any bibliophile will agree. Reading leads to a higher vocabulary, forces you to use your imagination to visualize the words, and leads to you learning a lot about life in general.

Interestingly enough, I had a similar response last year.

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~

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