Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 12: Your Proudest Accomplishment♥

Happiness is a form of courage...I've really been blessed. At the age of fifteen, God placed a dream in my heart and a story in my brain so I knew there was nothing left to do but write it and keep writing it until it was complete.

It all started when I entered the IB program at Gulf High School. I knew I had to write a thesis like paper to graduate from the program so I figured taking creative writing as an elective wouldn't hurt. Once in the class, I realized how much this class was going to change my life. Not only did we have to write pieces of original work even in genres we had never heard of but we also had to read them out loud in front of the class. Talk about facing your fears, right?

Yet, my passion for writing became evident to me in the first assignment I did. And it didn't go away. I just always wanted to write from that moment on. So, when my teacher asked us to write a short story for a contest the school was having, I didn't hesitate to try my hand at it. Yet, the only problem was. The story just kept writing. I wrote it as a short story but anyone that read it could tell it was the beginnings of a longer piece of literary work.

It would end up being the beginning of my first novel Dream Girl and of course, the story just kept going, and Jessica's Choice was born two years later. Some people think I went into writing because I wanted to be famous, and yeah it is the somewhat overshadowed path to fortune and fame. Mostly because writers stay behind the scenes; they aren't like actors or singers, dancers or comedians who get up in front of people or in front of a camera and share their talent.

I'm someone who believes there is no talent too small and personally, I think writing is the greatest gift of all.♥

But, hey, that's just me.

I actually didn't go into writing. Any writer will tell you that your work chooses you. Something will stir inside your mind. A face you don't know. A recollection of something you recently saw. A line from a song. A line from a movie. Something someone said. All these are foundations in which we as writers craft worlds with which no one has yet seen. We build places people only are known to visit in their dreams.

My characters are living breathing people. I've met them all in another dimension that I refer to as my creative space. Sure, they look like people I've met on Earth but there is something different about them and I believe that difference to be the fact that I created them. I gave them a story. I control their fate. And it makes me feel indescribable. Yet, sometimes it can be a burden especially when my character is destined for horrific tragedy.

Yet, without singers, dancers, or actors, our words may never make it upon the main stage, and given proper light so as a writer, I greatly appreciate the talents needed to be a singer, actor, or dancer. I'm also grateful for comedians because without them, I wouldn't have any jokes to use.

Basically, I just want to tell anyone who is reading this right now that it's never too late to live the life you've dreamed of living. Never, never, never give up on a dream even if it doesn't happen overnight. God has perfect timing and if he's given you the grace or talent, he'll also let you know when it's your time to shine.

Even if it isn't yet your time, work on practicing your talent in all ways that you can so that when it is your time to shine, you really do, in fact SHINE.

I'd love to know what some of my reader's dreams are so go ahead and comment below. Maybe I can help you in some way. Either way, never give up for no dream is too small♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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