Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 18: If you could have a conversation with yourself in high school, what would you say?

Happiness is a form of courage...

Dear Chelsea,

You made it to the big time. High school. Don't you just love the smell of the place? Me either.

Yeah, well, you are the first class of the IB program at Gulf High School so there will be a lot of pressure on you. From your parents, from the faculty, especially from that rather military like dictator named Dr. Lepley.

Don't let it get to you. You can do this!

Also, do not spend all of high school constantly gushing about Ryan Sheckler. Girls can get catty. I'm just saying.

Only about five of the friends you make at this school and in this program will keep in touch with you after this, so go ahead:

Dance like a slut to Britney Spear's "Gimme More" at your sophomore year homecoming. If the guy you like sees you, just keep dancing. He's probably just impressed that a white girl at this school can actually dance.

Take drama and pursue your dream of being in a stage production. If your parents said you can act, chances are they weren't lying.

Do not write I heart Mr. Fine on your hand before the football game because Andrew might see. He was planning on asking you out, dummy.

You will end up getting dropped from the program your senior year. Sure, it's a new school but you should make the most of it. At least you'll have more free time.

For crying out loud, join a club.

Stop letting people's opinions of you hold you back. You're better than that.

Most of all, you should just keep spreading the love like my friend Toppy Nikci: I LOVE YOU
 Homecoming Sophomore year

 1st book signing when a few of my friends came to support me...junior year♥

 My senior picture♥ 

 Drama class Senior year♥

 I did it, baby! '09 is oh so fine!♥

High school can be a tricky place but the key is to just enjoy it because it's over before you know it and you don't ever get to go back nor will you want to because you'll find after high school there is something even greater on the horizon: COLLEGE♥

And that is where you will shine and become all that you were meant to be.

Never give up.

Love me,
Chelsea DeVries♥


  1. this made me miss my high school all the more. maybe i'll drop by there this coming holidays. :)

    here's mine:


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