Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 17: What are your spiritual beliefs and how do they impact your relationships/relationship status?

Happiness is a form of courage...My spiritual beliefs started basically in childhood where I was an active member of the Catholic Church. I attended Cathechism, made my Holy Communion, at the age of twelve I made my confirmation, I was an altar server for four or five years. Yet, my faith wasn't awakened until I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and I did that all on my own at the age of thirteen at an Easter play production put on a by a local Christian church. After that, the Catholic Church just didn't feel alive enough for the faith I could see burning inside me.

    From about the age of fourteen to the present day, I've declared myself a non-denominational Christian simply because I solely have faith in Jesus Christ. I believe every word in the Bible has power to change lives, circumstances, and people. This is where my faith lies. Solely in this belief.

My spiritual beliefs are everything to me simply because Jesus saved my life more than once. Actually, he really saves it on a day to day basis because he always finds a way to make me smile and remind me of my purpose and that I was made for so much more than just simply living to please myself.

Today, I was struck by the beauty of a song. What was the song? Live for the One I Love by Celine Dion.

Here are the lyrics to this gorgeous song.

"Live For The One I Love"

A million stars light
This beautiful night
This is not a night to die
Let me sing and dance
Beneath the sky
I have such love to give
I want a chance to live

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return

Free free to find my way
Free to have my say
Free to see the day

Be like I used to be
Like a wild bird free
With all of life in me

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return

Though this world tears us apart
We're still together in my heart
I want the world to hear my cry
Even if I have to die
Love will not die
Love will change the world

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return

I'll love until love wears me away
I'll die and I know my love will stay
And I know... I know my love will stay

Basically, it's just a song about living to love. Which I believe is my ultimate purpose.

Yet, what I'm struggling with most today is the idea that I live to love but I'm still waiting for anyone to show me that I am loved.   I just finished a Joel Osteen teaching and he said something to remind me that no matter if people I love don't understand why I selflessly live to love people, I'm doing the right thing:

God places people in your path just for you to be a blessing to them. When you serve others, you are serving God. When you do it for them, you are doing it for Him. Don't look for people to pay you back. You're not doing it for people; you're doing it for God. -Joel Osteen♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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