Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 24: If you could relive ONE day of your life, what would it be? And would you change anything?

Happiness is a form of courage...Before I get to the day I would relive, let me say that I didn't make it to Disney this morning. Mostly because I was up all night with a stomachache. I think it was the cottage cheese I had yesterday but it might have been the coke slurpee, or both. I wouldn't have such a sensitive stomach if it weren't for having tons of unnecessary antibiotics in the hospital. I'm doing ok now. You can thank Tums for that. The only reason I couldn't take the Tums last night is because it interferes with my thyroid medication. So, no, I didn't get to visit Mickey Mouse today but I'm spending the rest of the day catching up on some tv via Hulu.

Relive one day of my life? Ok, this is really hard. I think the day I would chose would be August 20, 2012 because that was the first day of the rest of my life. It was the day I was released out of the hospital. It was also a very happy day because everyone was so happy for me that I finally was getting out and returning back to real life. I think I would have spent it cherishing each moment instead of wasting it being uber-impatient for my release. I would have thanked Miguel (my nurse in ICU) for all he did for me. I also would have just been grateful to be alive and not be over-concerned in which of my friends were going to visit me as soon as I got home. I also would have asked my friend to come alone to my house instead of bringing someone I could care less for into my home, and who could care less for me and only wanted to come to my house to see how good I lived.

Yet, I can't relive this day or any other so I'm grateful for all they have taught me so far. If you want to read about some of the life lessons I've learned in my new year of life, read them here.

Just like not going to Disney because I was sick, you can't regret what didn't happen or what should have happened, you just must learn from your mistakes, and realize: Life Goes On.♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~

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