Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day Five: The biggest misconception about the single life

Happiness is a form of courage...Hey you! Yeah, you. That girl who's so happy in love but crying...why do you settle for less when you were meant for something greater.

I believe there are many misconceptions about being single that need to be set straight but I'm going to try and cover the biggest ones.

1. Being single means your lonely.

I'm not going to lie. Being single can be lonely at times but it's not a big pity party 24/7. At least not for me. I've loved being single so far in my life and I wouldn't trade this time back for a relationship at all. Being single has allowed me to find myself and find peace in God's presence and allow me to look to Him for all that I need, not a man. And in the long run, that's going to help me because if you don't learn to rely on God early on, life can become really rough. I mean, life is hard regardless but with God, it's possible.♥

2. Being single means you never like to go out

Well, I guess this is kind of true on my end, because the only way I get around is through friends and family. Yet, I love getting all dolled up and going out. Matter of fact, I've been waiting for one of my friends to offer to take me clubbing or out dancing because I'm over 21, and thankfully I finally had a friend ask me. Yet, I think most people out there (most of those being in a relationship of their own) picture all of us single people just being so alone, sitting on the couch, eating carton after carton of Ben and Jerry's watching movies like The Notebook or Titanic and thinking we will never have what they themselves have. They're wrong. We have something better. We have learned to like ourselves before getting into a relationship which only means we will end up in healthier relationships when the time does come for one.

Personally, I have a few friends who aren't single who I actually feel sorry for. Why? Well, they are in relationships that I can tell they want out of but have settled because they don't know how to be alone or independent. To them, my day to day life looks like a nightmare. Yet, I'm going to tell you. My day to day life is pretty sweet. I don't have to have anyone's permission but my own to go anywhere, do anything, say anything. I'm only living to please myself and God and that is the best feeling in the world. So all my non-single friends who always say things toward me out of pity can STOP because I'm not going to stop being anything less than SINGLE and FABULOUS.♥

Another reason why I actually pity my friends who are in long-term relationships and/or married is because most of them are my age or younger and they are ready to settle for keeping that relationship for the rest of their lives. Yet, being that they are so young, I feel as though they haven't lived. I don't know if it's just how I was raised or it's just me personally but I was taught growing up that a woman should go out and do something great with herself and her life and then when she does that and is happy with it, she can invite a man to join her on her journey. For me, I just feel like I want to make the most out of being single before I get hitched and knocked up.

I want to graduate from college.
I want to publish my newest novel and change lives with it.
I want that same novel to be nothing less than a bestseller.(I mean, I'm not putting all this work into it, just so it sits on bookstore shelves and then becomes discontinued.)
I want to be able to pay in full for a car and a house of my own.
I want to travel with my sisters and see the world.
And the list goes on....
Mostly, I just want to be so in love with Jesus that the man that finds me finds me through Him.♥

So stop patronizing us single people all you non-single, married people. We don't need your pity. What we do enjoy is your friendship and support as we venture out in this big wide world on our own, and probably on a mission of doing something great. So instead of handing us boxes of tissues. Salute us because we are strong enough to stand alone and not feel lonely all the time.

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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