Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Demi Lovato is my hero

Florida born and raised but I've got Jersey in my veins... As most of you know, I consider myself many things. First and foremost, I consider myself a Jesus Freak because there is and never will be anyone on Earth who can do what he already did for the world. Secondly, I consider myself a Sheckledork. From previous posts you can see, I follow Ryan Sheckler and his career because he's amazing at what he does on a skateboard but it's what he does off a skateboard with his charity the Sheckler Foundation that is equally amazing. Plus, I've known Ryan personally for almost six years now so that is another reason I consider myself a Sheckledork. Recently, I became a Belieber. Never Say Never converted me over to the FEVER, and I'm never turning back.

One thing I've never let everyone know is that I've always been a Lovatic. No, my sister-like connection didn't start with Demi Lovato's Barney and Friends episodes. In fact it all started on August 26, 2007. I was watching Disney Channel because my new fave Disney short was about to air, As The Bell Rings. Demi appeared in the first season of the show playing Charlotte, Danny's love interest. On this particular episode entitled Talent Show, Demi sang her own song, "Shadow" What struck me about her was not only that she was a talented actress but also that her voice was so powerful and Demi was only 13 or 14 when that show was filmed. She reminded me of a young Kelly Clarkson. From that day forward, I saw great things ahead for this rising star.

Sure enough, Demi went from there to star beside the Jonas Brothers in the Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock. Shortly thereafter, she recorded her first studio album, Don't Forget, that she co-wrote with The Jonas Brothers. From there, she went on tour with the Jonas Brothers and was their opening act on the Burning Up Tour. She got her own show on Disney called Sonny With A Chance, and released another studio album, Here We Go Again, as well as starring in the second Camp Rock film.

Although, she was swept up into a wave of success, Demi was still haunted from bullying from childhood. She had trouble accepting her own body image because of it, and checked herself into rehab on November 1, 2010. Normally, I don't look up to celebrities who check into rehab of any kind but I have to admit, I admire Demi for going to rehab because it takes incredible courage and strength to admit defeat and ask for help beyond your own strength, and in checking herself in, Demi did just that.

Now out of rehab, 18 year old Demi still inspires millions out there becoming the new face for the Love Is Louder campaign. She is now showing girls facing bullying, eating disorders, or low self-esteem it is ok NOT to be perfect in a world of photoshopped pictures, and flaws overshadowed by glitz and glamour.

Her new single for her yet unreleased third studio album, Skyscraper came out this past Tuesday June 12, and within 12 hours was already number one on Itunes. The song is super inspiring and the emotion in Demi's voice just sounds so pure, and proves that Lovato is back and here to stay!

The music video for Skyscraper is pure genius portraying Lovato walking through her journey to self-acceptance, and will bring any person who watches it who has dealt with self-acceptance issues to tears.

It is so inspiring and you can watch it here:

All in all, I will always admire Demi because although she has fame and lots of success, she still acts like she's just a normal girl from Texas living the dream, who isn't afraid to admit to the world that she's not perfect. My ultimate goal in life is to meet her.

For more information about Demi Lovato, follow her on Twitter at @ddlovato.
For more information about the Love is Louder campaign, visit

Until next time, love is louder than the pressure to be perfect♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

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