Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#WriterRevelations Diligence: How To Take Dreams and Make Them Come True

As most of you know, I recently lost 15 pounds despite having a thyroid disorder. I started practicing healthy eating habits and rigorous exercise habits as well. Yet, it's been a rough five months of the year thus far, in all other areas. I was stripped of my food stamps because they found a false excuse to kick me off the program. Then, I haven't been hired for any other jobs since November when I worked for 1 day as a UPS golf cart driver for their seasonal deliveries. Even worse is that starting in April, the agency I freelance write for started to get scattered with my pay, and even cut some weeks from my work calendar so I would literally have to stretch whatever money I did get for two weeks instead of the usual one.

Needless to say, I started to feel that although my health was in tip-top shape and I felt more energized, confident, and experience more joy, I was wondering why I seemed to have hit rock bottom, so to speak.

So I brought my life before the feet of Jesus and sobbed in his presence asking him to show me where I was missing the mark, and asking him that my life MATTER for His Glory.

I realized that starting in April, I began to go driving but God asked me to go driving every day in order to conquer my fear of it. I have had my license since September but after what happened with the UPS job, it made me feel insecure and that I lacked the overall motor skills necessary to be competent enough to operate a motor vehicle.

So a month has gone by and I have only gone once every now and then. Yet, God showed me that because I lacked diligence it was affecting all other areas of my life.

My writing was also another area that has suffered from lack of diligence and God has asked me to write one scene a day at least in order to complete the 40,000 words needed to finish my YA rewrite.

Companies will hire those that appear to be hard workers and diligence is an in-demand trait. Yet, just because you hold a college degree or have the five years of supposed needed experience doesn't mean you are a shoe-in for whatever job you are pursuing if you are looking for employment such as myself.

I suddenly came to the obvious conclusion that if I want a job, I must be diligent with the tasks God has given me right now.

I've always believed that I was a diligent studious persistent hard worker what with IB (3 years worth) the publication of my first 2 novels, and obtaining my college degree but now I see that although I have an impressive resume, one thing employers can see is that I lack diligence.

What is diligence? 

According to Vine's Bible Dictionary, it is the process of working, an endeavor, or business. An earnest zeal or the haste accompanying this work, business and/or endeavor.

Webster defines it as: Constant or persistent to one's work or industry.

Yet, starting today that is about to change.

Plus, I did not write ( I consider this to be my writing for the day) yet I did story map so I know where to pick up from tomorrow.

So take this as word of warning; Maybe you are wondering why it seems to be taking forever for your dreams to come true like I was?

Examine your life and lay each area before the Lord, allowing him to show you where you need to focus, and where you are holding to things to tight, casting all your cares upon Him because He cares FOR YOU!

Before I leave you with a final thought, I apologize for taking over a month to write you a new word of encouragement. I am trying to build my Youtube platform so I was focused on making videos for a little while but I will purpose to be diligent in writing you here more than once a month, as well as c
ontinuing with videos for Youtube.

Until next time, remember:

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,