Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#WriterWednesday: How I Found Myself While Doing A Weight Loss Program

I'd hate to start out a blog post like this but the truth is for most of my life, I've felt like I can't really be myself. I've always felt proud of the person I am and the fact that I recognized who I was from an early age. I 've always been someone that cannot just be labeled or prematurely defined.

So recently near the end of August, I was contacted by a Beachbody coach on a Facebook picture I posted making a joke of how my unlimited meal plan really changed the way I look. In a bad way? No. In a noticeable way? Yes.

Plus, being that I've still not yet found the man who will love for me, I started to believe that I must lose weight and become this shredded version of myself in order for my dream guy (wherever he may be or whoever he may be) to love me Delusional thought #1

I also believed that by losing weight and becoming this different version of myself on the outside, I would be able to fit into the SoCal lifestyle when I do move there. Delusional thought #2

This coach gained what little trust I had by confirming my two current beliefs. So I spent $150 on a Team Beachbody Challenge and was beyond stoked to get started. The program I enrolled in was the 21 Day Fix Extreme. You find out your target calories and are supposed to abstain from the use of alcohol, sweets, and fatty fast food meals.

The first seven days I messed up big time because I was using the Shakeology in addition to three meals a day instead of as a meal replacement. So once I admitted my mistake to my coach, she offered to check in twice a day.

I started to really do good. I ended up losing two pounds in one week and for me, somebody with hypothyroidism and multiple food allergies, that was HUGE!

Then, I got to September 21, I woke up and weighed myself and somewhere along the line, I gained back the two pounds. Did I eat unhealthy food and consume alcohol? Yes.

Do I feel that that was the sole reason I gained the weight back? Heck no.

See the week after that first blissful week, I started to get sick to my stomach. I'm talking in the worst way you can imagine, and then some. Plus, I had to go to work while being sick and do long shifts on an empty stomach and while dizzy and lightheaded.

All in all, I loved the workout aspect of Team Beachbody.

Yet, I prefer lifestyle changes that include each meal already suggested or planned out for me.

Do I think Shakeology and 21 Day really work? Sure, if you have the money to do multiple rounds.

I do not since I just got this job at Wal-mart three months ago.

Plus, I don't think it's necessary to spend that kind of money on a lifestyle change/health plan.

Basically, the truth is I am 25 years old and I want to indulge in the sweets, the booze, and the fast food without feeling guilty about it.

Do I think I could lose a little weight? Yes, but couldn't we all really.

My point here is that at the end of the day, this world if FULL to the brim especially nowadays with pressures from every side of this all important go with the flow or get the hell out of our way mentality and I find it to be utter bullshit.

For example, you can see it in the U.S. election. God forbid you actually admit you agree with Donald Trump. You might as well be admitting to all your past and future sexual partners that you have every STD or STI known to man.

As you can see, I am an individual. I think for myself. Have my own beliefs and pride myself on the fact that I tend to go against the grain in every aspect a person possibly could.

That's just the thing that bugs me about the whole Beachbody thing. I realized that I need a lifestyle change that makes me feel comfortable being me not scolds me for being honest about my mistakes and tells me to keep pushing when I was rounding the verge on my second near-death experience.

All in all, as an individual in a free country I would hope to be greeted with a little more respect and admiration, especially more love. And a lot less of rolling eyes and scoffing at me for being NOTHING less than me.

Until next time, remember: Individuality is what makes us human and separates us from the wild animals. We don't all have to follow the pack to survive.

For anyone who's ever felt this way, BE YOU! Do You! And RESPECT That I AM ME!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

#WriterWednesday: Someone is ALWAYS watching

Lately, I've been dreading going to work. And not because I don't like it or really don't need the money. I definitely do but because I feel like no matter what I do at work, I get yelled at.
I've come to realize that wherever I am while at work and no matter what I am doing, I am being watched.

Managers have my schedule and log my breaks and meal times on their palm pilot. (They know when you take a break longer than 15 minutes). They know if I clock in early, clock in before putting my stuff away, or clock out early.

They know if I'm late, if I've called out. All thanks to the great and powerful concept of technology.

Plus, they know everything I do while at the register or walking around the store (there are cameras everywhere).

Just this past week, I felt like I was literally being fitted for a customized ball and chain. I felt less enthused to go to work and more as if I was just someone in a cage asked to play a role, and they promise to feed me.

Yet, I have to perform the role just right or else. And it made me start to feel like I wanted to give up but I knew that was the last thing God wanted me to do.

Plus, the truth of the matter is this:

In the long run, all these mistakes that are embarrassingly being called out in front of customers and other associates will make me a stronger person.

A strong person who got through their job because not only did they know that the all seeing eye was watching and listening.

So no matter how hard I am tested with this job and the people I must respect in order to keep it, I REFUSE to give up.

God sees you and me and he hasn't forgotten about the dream he's placed in each of our hearts.

One day when I'm a huge PR executive for a A-List PR firm, I will look back and laugh at how far I've come.

One day when people are writing reviews about my novels, I won't break or change who I am and how I write to please them because I know WHOSE I AM.

Until next time, remember: