Thursday, September 24, 2009


Teenage Author stuck in Reality... are such wonderful things. You truly may never really know a person. So I don't know if you read that one post..that is now gone but that guy I wrote about. Ya, he's not the limit to my cosine. And I definitely am glad to find this out now becuz I don't want to know he's psycho years from now...

Anywho so I'm back to square one. Yet, this time I feel as though I can make it through. I will wear my single girl swag and my dream guy will come out of the woodwork.

He will, I believe it. :)

Thank you to all my friends that have encouraged me and stood by me through all the heart fractures and breaks. I love you all. :)

Until next time everyone deserves someone to hold. :)

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Life

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... Makes me giddy with happiness. :)

I started my job this week. I like it a lot.

I barely passed my first test. :/

Found out I'm in love with the library...cuz I can fully study there and I can hear my own brain processing information.

Having fun working on my narrative for English...we get to choose our own topic. I chose the day I met Ryan Sheckler. :)

Went to my first college volleyball game. It was intensely fun. :)

Hitting the pool tomorrow to get my fall tan on. :D

Until next time find something good and your life or a few things that are good in your life and thank God for each one of those blessings. :)

Love Times Infinity,
May God Bless You!

~Smile! Jesus Loves You!~