Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking on The Bright Side♥

Happiness is a form of courage...These past two weeks were a bit rough.
I'm still dealing with my health.
I have this awful irritation on my legs.
My midterm grades were pretty upsetting.
I lost a person I considered to be one of my best friends.
People haven't been very friendly to me.
I owe Saint Leo $999.22 and if I don't pay it in full, I can't come back next semester.

After all this, you'd think my hair would be falling out in clumps(it is, but that is besides the point).

As of Sunday of last week, I decided I needed to stop letting everything have power over me and stop looking at my circumstances and focus on the one who died so I could live an abundantly blessed life.

Instead of looking at my health and how it is slowing me down, I look at Jesus and know by his stripes I am healed and I may not be 100% but I can breathe and I am alive.

Instead of concentrating on how it bothers me to wear certain jeans, I look at Jesus and know by his stripes I am healed and this too shall pass.

Instead of concentrating on how bad my grades are, I prayed and asked Jesus for the wisdom and the strength to improve my grades and show up for class. Since I've prayed all my grades are going up.

Instead of thinking how I've lost that person out of my life, Jesus said to me "Chelsea, stop looking at this one person as if the world stops turning without them. I have someone new for you. Someone who will bring you more smiles than tears. Someone better. I just need you to smile and trust me." Since he said that, I no longer think or speak of this person, and I'm much happier without them.

Instead of looking at how I don't have many friends and how people are rude and unfriendly, I realized the true friends I do have and am the first to be friendly to others. Love is thinking of others before oneself so always remember: people are sometimes unfriendly and rude because they are fighting a battle. If you show them love, I guarantee that battle might get a whole lot easier or you could be just what they need to realize they matter. Stop thinking everything is about you and love someone today!

 Instead of worrying about the money, I look to Jesus and know all my needs are met according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Thanks to Jesus, I'll either come back next semester or I'll take a semester off (which might be best health-wise) and come back stronger than ever. No matter what happens, I know God will take care of me because THIS IS MY SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE and it is meant to be BLESSED AND PROSPEROUS.

One book I recently finished reading is I Declare by Joel Osteen. This book really helped me see the bright side despite how dark my circumstances look. I recommend you go buy a copy for you and a friend in need.

Lastly, I love Taylor Swift's new album
My favorite songs are 22, Sad Beautiful Tragic, Everything Has Changed, and Holy Ground. Go pick up a copy. It's ah-mazing.

Before I leave you with a final thought, I quick want to tell you I went home this weekend and saw my babies.

 Hazel put on her best dress for me. And it's always wonderful to see my BEST friend Geniveve♥

Until Next time, Rember:

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~