Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WriterWednesday: A Writer With A Story

Huge news! I got an email on Sunday night from an editor I submitted to in #P2P16 and I was baffled and felt a bit attacked. Instead of giving me feedback for my upcoming memoir, One Last Breath. 

She claimed that based on my query she didn't find my memoir appealing because she is neither spiritual or religious (which is totally fine). There was no feedback about how my query could have been re-written. I was left with a sour taste in my mouth because I wanted so bad to write her an email back and say that isn't even what my memoir addresses. Yes, Jesus is the hero of my memoir. He's also the hero of my life but a memoir is meant to be someone's perspective told through a creative narrative. It doesn't mean because I see the world the way I do (through faith) that I'm right and everyone else is wrong. This is just my story that yes, mentions Jesus because he saved me but my memoir uses the story of my near-death experience and the key years I remember facing an illness to paint a picture of me loving the main male character and my first heartbreak, and me trying to make sense of it all.

I thought all hope was lost and actually considered giving up on my memoir completely, let alone a career in writing.

Then, Monday night I got the email that nearly made my head spin almost literally

Then, I went to the site and seen my name listed among the other 24 writers. And the great thing isn't that I was picked. Yes, that's an honor. The great thing is that someone finally gave me the feedback I was hoping for. Someone who believed that my project has promise. Someone who believes my story can change the world.

So please vote for me. You only get one vote. Then, please share the link with anyone who you know who would also vote for me or any starving artists you know who want to support a fellow artist with a heart for others and a huge dream to make a difference.

It would mean the world if I win this contest because then I get an hour consultation with the book doctors and I can make my book the best-seller I know it is but even if I don't win, I'm so honored and grateful that someone picked me and I did get some feedback I can work with.

Please vote for me. I'm not running for president but I do have one hell of a story for you all.

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~