Monday, February 9, 2015

Love in Hot Pursuit: A Valentine's Day Tale

Happiness is a form of courage...Recently, I took a social media cleanse. I did because well, I was going through some stuff within my family that I didn't want to share with the world. I'm basically training myself how to be a better PR professional. Celebrities rarely take to Twitter to post tweets about different people they aren't particular fond of at the moment because that's petty and immature. It took me awhile to learn that basically anyone can see what I post online and it could resurface anytime, so I'm careful now with what I post.

     Anyway, the first day of my social media cleanse. I watched a well-known movie. The movie I watched:

Most everyone young and old knows the story but this time, I wasn't watching the movie for the parts I always loved since I was little. Sure, I sang along to my favorite song A dream is a wish your heart makes but I realized something profound.

Cinderella may have been a servant girl but she never saw herself as a servant. And no matter how absolutely evil her "family members" (her stepmother and stepsisters) were to her, she killed them with kindness. As much as she could have sassed them out, (we all know Cinderella could have told them to sit the heck down and shut up), Cinderella kept quiet and had this silent confidence that shown through when she met the prince. 

The greatest thing about her meeting the prince was that when she walked into the ball, she just wanted to dance. She never even focused on meeting the prince. She was just there to have a good time. She was living in the moment. Not at all looking for the prince to sweep her off her feet and expect that after that happened, she would think about being happy. No, no matter if she met the prince or not, she was just happy to be there. Ladies, did you hear me? Prince or no prince, She chose happiness.

Then, after she meets the prince, and they float across the dance floor to "This Is Love," midnight strikes, and she loses her glass slipper. Instead of being a total diva about it, she nonchalantly just leaves the party. Doesn't ask for the prince's number or Twitter handle. She just leaves because she came happy, she's going to leave happy. Did you catch that? Her happiness had to do with her, not the prince. What a concept, am I right?

The prince ends up literally breaking every royal law in hot pursuit of finding the girl who lost her glass slipper. The prince didn't fall in love with her because she wore glass louboutins or she was thirsty for the prince to notice her. She honestly was just herself and even though she worked as a servant girl, she knew that this was just a stepping stone to her greater destiny: being a princess♥

In the same way that Prince Charming was in hot pursuit of Cinderella from the moment she left the ball, God is in hot pursuit of me. I realized this while watching Cinderella and I realized it again over the past few weeks. His ultimate goal for me is that I know every day that he loves me. So every day, he pursues me in that love. That beautiful unmerited love that just heals all forms of hurt and pain, and every broken part of me.

Yes, it's nice that I love him but he wants me to remember above all, that He loves me unconditionally. Now, go ahead, read that next part out loud: "God Loves Me."♥

This Valentine's Day with this truth washing over me and warming me like the Florida sunshine on a cloudless day, I chose, instead of searching for people to be good to me, but opportunities to be good to others. This year, I made Valentines for strangers I didn't know. Local elderly in my area. And you know what? It was so much fun to give love to others whether or not they deserve it. And with the knowledge of God's love for me, I was able to truly love others. How profound is that?

Until next time and this Valentine's Day, remember: You are loved and you matter!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~

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  1. Hey, girl! I like that floral dress. So chic.
    So how was your Vday? I hope you had fun however you celebrated it.

  2. Thanks Lux. I had a pretty decent Valentine's. I watched romance movies starring Zac Efron and Ansel Elgort. How was your Valentine's? :)


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