Monday, August 20, 2018

#WriterRevelations Reflection: Just Call Me The Comeback Kid (Six years after my near-death experience)

So, you all know that I usually share blog posts on Wednesdays but today I am celebrating six years of being alive.

For those new to my blog or my platform, I know you need a little backstory to get what I mean.

Six years ago, today I was released from the hospital after a long battle with thyroid issues that ended in a near-death experience:

  • August 11, 2012 (One week after turning 21) I was taken to the hospital because I couldn't breathe. It actually felt like there was an elephant on my chest.
  • August 12-14, 2012 The doctor who caused the thyroid storm covered up her medical negligence by having them diagnose me with bird flu and putting me on some of the harshest antibiotics out there all while still struggling to breath (I was actually on 15 liters of oxygen and still barely absorbing oxygen).
  • August 15, 2012 I went under the knife for a triple lung biopsy surgery that also resulted them in them leaving a drainage tube in my side to drain the fluid that had collected in my lungs.
  • August 16, 2012-August 19, 2012 I was in recovery and had to have someone rebandage the stitches in my back once a day. I was finally beginning to return to normal twenty one year old health despite the fact that my thyroid was still sick.
  • August 20,2012 I received clearance from all my doctors that I could be released from the hospital but had to be on bed rest for two weeks before returning to school.
When I think back to this ordeal, I am amazed that I lived. Some really hard days have me wondering why I was saved in the hospital, or what purpose God had in all of it.

So before I get to the climatic conclusion, let me share some truths that God has revealed to me lately.

1. It's OKAY to have an off day if you realize that a BAD DAY DOESN'T EQUAL A BAD LIFE.

2. It's OKAY to give yourself more GRACE.


4. It's OKAY to LET SOMEONE GO if you are the only one putting in all the effort.


6. It's OKAY to ask for help.

7. It's OKAY to be different, weird, outlandish, original, YOU-niquely yourself & not apologize.

8. It's OKAY to cast your cares on the one who paid the ultimate price for YOU, and who CARES WHAT HAPPENS to you.

9. It's OKAY to choose forgiveness when someone unnecessarily insults or belittles you. 

10. It's OKAY to not always understand or have it all together or even know how it will all work out but trusting the creator and author of life, believing ALL THINGS will work out for the BEST. 

Maybe this was the entire reason I am still here with a heart that beats, breath in my lungs, and a tough fighter spirit, maybe God wanted YOU to see this.

If so, I invite you to read an excerpt from my forthcoming memoir One Last Breath which is available for download here. 

Until next time, remember: 

In Christ-Like Love and Confidence,

God Bless!