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  1. Hello! My request is not exactly a review but a request for some promotion. I have recently been signed to Unbound, the literary crowdfunding Publisher with my novel, Blood On The Banana Leaf. Unbound is totally different to other literary crowdfunding publishing because, when the book is funded it is traditionally published and distributed through Penguin Random House. They are also very successful. I wondered if you might be interested in interview where I can talk about my novel (it shines a spotlight on maid abuse in Singapore) and the Unbound process. I promise I am very engaging. And, when it does get published and is a Times Best Seller you can have as many interviews as you want :) Have a look at the page on Unbound. Thank you so much. Love Tabby

  2. Tabby, please shoot me an email via for all Smart Cookie Philes related PR services.


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