Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#ViralVideo: Random Sale Haul

I saved so much money with a few sales that I had to share about the places I bought stuff from. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

#ViralVideo: Diary of a Fangirl

I recently went to three concerts in the course of two months and my inner fangirl could not contain her excitement. Enjoy!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless
~Just Keep Swimming~

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#PoetryPower: Happy Medium

I was kinda quiet during the month of April because I was trying to work hard on my writing projects as well as other stuff. I decided that I was going to write a stanza every day in the month of April but once the flow of the piece I was working on took over, I ended up with 35 stanzas. I edited the piece and it follows below:
What's The Difference 
Keeping Quiet
and Suffering in Silence?

It's one breath between
A thousand pins
While being stabbed 
Repeatedly in the gut

Trouble slams the door
while I sleep

There's nothing worse 
for me 
than an interrupted dream

I crave it like Godiva
Covered in whipped cream
A chocolate covered strawberry
Dripping in melted desire

I think I'm just hungry for love
I have no appetite for casual hook-ups
kissing and telling

Having my freak
out in the streets
no matter how good I turn out and up 
in the sheets

How long until I can finally be me?

Judgemental comments 
Pierce my ears

Condescending eyes
Dirty looks

It seems my bae
found a new bae
that ain't me

Everyone moves on 
without me.

No one sticks around
to ride the waves of life with me;
They just stop hitting me up,
They just leave.

What makes people stay?

Giving them their own way
A healthy hookup of 
give and take,
heavily weighted compromise.

Look me in the eyes
See the betrayal
The frustration

The bitterness of being
through the ringer
Seeing things no young human 
should; not saying things I wished 
I would
Doing everything the critics
said I couldn't.

I know what they saying but I promise that
I'm cool tho
God says that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made
Plus he pays my bills, gives me chills, calms the thrills 
pulsing through my veins

I'm enough for him
For now I'm content
Heaven will send

Me a man who
loves me the same

Worships Jesus 
Loves me tenderly
Fanboys my writing
Kisses me softly in public

Hardly can stand the thought
of waking up without me
Entangled in sheets
Swaddled in love,
Just us becoming we.

Romances me
Sweeps me off my feet
Just with the way
He enunciates my name

Each syllable
a chord in
the love song; 
the love story.

A girl can dream
even if she never sleeps.

You must have an 
in your belly
every sentence
you symphonize
Each phrase
rings in my ears
on the right key

Making it hard to forget
your melody
Like a radio earworm
on repeat

I'm stuck between killing myself
or them 
Since either one of us is
better off dead.

I'm less interested
in the chase of having someone
More interested in someone 
who relentlessly pursues me

Oppressed by a system 
that tracks my every move
just to prove
I'm worth the cost of EBT

College graduate;
worthless degree

Not in the talking stage 
with anyone
as I mentioned before
bae got a new bae

So I showed him
the door
The most talking I do 
with anyone;
the drive-thru 
at Dunkin Donuts.

All fat; no luck
My own ghetto

I'm loving this detox.
Have you ever drank
kale through a straw
so the scale number 
wasn't so raw and ruthless?

Swimsuit season
Fast Approaching
Sweeping in faster
Than Florida humidity
in April

Wonder what a cold season is
As I thaw out from the ice just served to me
In the look my sister just steered straight for me
Like a zamboni with no brakes

All caked on make-up
No true face.

Guess I've got to let go of you;
The idea of you and I.
Not yet a we.
Separated by pride;
Stubborn point of view.

My thoughts have made my head
Lately you've been on my mind
though we haven't spoken in years

All your fault 
must be another pride
I should have never
you that letter
With that letter in your hand
I severed our good karma
positive vibes

I never got a hello or goodbye
you just stopped coming to my
Most likely because you don't want
the invisible leprosy 
I have all over me
It's so contagious
It's affected my mind

My perception 
of me

Am I really being myself or fooling myself
to think
this is the live I want to live

Did I ever 
Have a choice?

~Chelsea DeVries~

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~