One Week Ago
          My breath had faded
          Heart beat was jaded.

          My first thought was you.
          As my heart lay black
          Breath ran cold
          But blue.

         All I saw was you.

        The way you smile at me.
        The light in your eyes,
        The way you get me
        without a word.

    It will always be you
    No matter how true
    you feel for me.

My heart cannot deny
The safe haven you provide
Even far or close.

My heart cannot deny
The homesickness
it feels

Without your love.

~Chelsea DeVries~


When I close my eyes
I see you
wearing not a suit
but a dress shirt and tie.

When I close my eyes
I hear you
laughing at the joke
I sent over text.

When I close my eyes
I picture you
being here
in front of me
and not my mind's eye.

When I close my eyes
I feel you
thinking of me
holding me on the other side
of these eyes.

When I close my eyes
fantasy becomes reality
and you say you want me
by your side...forever.

Oh,Dream Guy
don't let me die
because when the top
stops spinning

I am no longer alive.


We met
I honestly didn't care
about you.

Thought you were cute
but that's fool proof.

I fell for your art of conversation
the words on your lips
scrumptiously tempting.

Now I try not to talk to you
see if you will talk to me
so far you are winning
this bet

about two people
a guy and a girl
who haven't even met.

Why do I like you?
I ask myself at the end of the day
maybe it's not you I like but
the words that you say.

Words are only words
until you mean what you say
Love is only love until
you give it away.

Giving God the upper hand
I'm staying true to myself
if you don't want me
I'm too beautiful

To be a doll
on your shelf.

Not giving up
just giving you
to see
the truth within
the lines.


You say I haven't had a job
in a tone that makes you sound
like a know it all snob.

Nine to five is not the only way
God's plan has more to say
you don't know God's plan for me
but you still hurt me,

You see.

Mother of three
Cleaning jobs
Husband who drives
her crazy being a slob

and saying she's worthless
because she doesn't hold
a valued nine to five job.

Though she wipes up
the messes he leaves,
cleans the house,
makes dinner,
no thank you or please.

Loads upon loads of laundry
drive here; drive there
feed the doggy
No time for her to comb her hair.

When did this world
become so money

Whatever happened
to appreciating people
based on talent and skill,

Rather than rate them
based on dollar bills.

It's stupid; It's pitiful,
It's a shame.

Without a job
I become as worthless
as a person who
holds no name.

~Chelsea DeVries~
Mutual Respect

I would have
never guessed
you would
smile at me.

All my stress
has been relieved.

It was not me,
It was not you,
we are better apart
than together as two.

So many barriers
Not enough why-nots
sometimes I wonder
if you still hope
to one day try.

No contemplation
No expectations
just two things
left two say:

No questions asked
I'll always
be here for you
no infatuation
no obsession
just undying
and love.

God's pen
has to end
the story.

To him be
all the glory.

You were my purpose
no matter what
we were a part
of each other's

This is neither
hello nor goodbye
this is me
finally realizing

I ever had to meet you.

For you,

I thank God.

~Chelsea DeVries~


I gave you all
I had
you gave it back
as if

It went bad.

My ribs broke
in the moment
I lost your love.

I became a wingless dove.

I forgive you.
I will love you
as a friend
even though
the idea of you
and me
came to an end.

I was not meant for you;
you were not meant for me;
one becomes two;
broken yet free.

Free to find
from someone

Made for ourselves
by the Lord above.

We had our time;
too early
too late
now is the time for us

To separate.

I love you.

Looking for you
when I close my eyes.
I dream of you; I smile.


~Chelsea DeVries~

Lovers Without A Chance

First day back
all dressed in red
You again messed
with my head.

You played me once;
You played me twice,
you again start
rolling the dice.

I oblige;
play my turn
though my heart
you did burn.

Still the thought
why can't the thought
of you
leave my brain?

You seem to share
with me
you still care
when you talk
with friends about me;
over there.

You want me;
I want you;
Doesn't one plus one
still equal two?

A thorn in my side
I must keep;
you are buried
in my heart
much too deep.

The pain agitates me
but I stay;
I would rather have you
than go my own way.

Here the story
fakes an end
because I cannot
just keep you

As a friend.

~Chelsea DeVries~

Hot Coffee

Friendships end
over hot

New ones

Hi, who are you?

Facebook friends
within day two

Locking eyes
with no goodbyes

Sparks fly

your smile
invites me

I want to know
your favorite color,
your pet peeve,
whether you have an uncle
named Steve.

I'm more than
a one night stand.
I'm the girl
you book
the wedding band

Unspoken thoughts
between hello
but never goodbye.

Don't put this fire out;
Don't let this flame die.

~Chelsea DeVries~

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