Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a month.

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... February has turned out to be and it is already over. Goodness! Time flies.

Well, had a wonderful ending to my month. Wrote a poem on Friday that I entitled Toy Recall. I suggest you read it for face value as a poem rather than trying to figure out who it is about or knowing who it is about and judging me for it...

On Saturday, My baby sister Jamie Taylor turned 13. This means that I am officially old. :P Had a wonderful day with her making blooper reals and such to songs such as Drop it Low by Ester Dean and LMFAO's I'm in Miami Bitch! :D Funnn! :)

Today(Sunday), I went to Busch Gardens and saw Pat Benatar live in concert! It was radical, dude. :P No, it was pretty kewl considering I actually knew some of her songs unlike my David Cassidy experience. haha. Then, after visiting the Big Busch we visited our fave fast food place, Taco Bell and ate our hearts out in terms of how much food we consumed.

Two weeks till spring break!

Until next time, in the words of the singer Kat Deluna: Do what you want like nobody's watching! :)

Love Times Infinity,
May God Bless You!

~Just Keep Swimming!~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things that need to be said

Teenage Author stuck in Reality...I love all people and do not judge them on their choices or race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. I presented my beliefs on homosexuality on my former formspring account and was attacked for them. I was just voicing my opinion and beliefs based on what I know from the Bible. People will believe what they want and that is fine and I respect that but I honestly don't appreciate people telling lies that I hate someone for being gay when I don't hate on gay/straight/bisexual people because of their orientation. I actually do not hate anyone. Hate is too strong of an emotion for it to fit in my life. I love. I get deeply pissed. I get sad to the point of depression but I have never hated anyone in my life.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion; this is a free country. As my dad always said to me as a child, "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and some of them stink."

Just remember that and stop taking everything so personal. Don't believe everything you read. If you and another person are confronted with an issue, talk about it with them face to face because things written on facebook/myspace/twitter/even this blog can and will be read wrong. My tone is oblivious in this unless I use this :)

For anyone I offended with my formspring post, I am truly sorry.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea DeVries

~Just Keep Swimming~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow. What a week!

Teenage Author stuck in Reality... This week flew by. Anyone else feel this way?

Had a good week. Sold a book. Started my new job and liked it. Befriended someone who I thought I would never talk to again.

Class wise, I've got a lot of work and less time now that I work. I just hope I can get my laundry done before I go home this weekend. :)

Thursday was my half b-day and one person wished me a happy half b-day. Not that I make a big deal about my half b-day but it just means a lot to me because it means I've been 18 for 6 months. :D

Excited for this week to go by quickly tho cuz I get to go home next weekend for V-day. :D

Until next time, Forgive and forget!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~