Quotes on Writing♥

"Poetry is good when you have a lot of feelings going on and you can't find a way to express them. It's the individual human voice."-Joseph Millar♥

And yes, I think that the sensation, the awareness and then the conviction that your perception of the world is not what might be called conventional, is essential to the making of an artist. It is a little like speaking a different language from the people around you. -Susanna Moore♥

My creative process is odd to explain. I never really choose a topic for a poem. Nor do I choose a form. The poem chooses me. A phrase or line comes into my head along with a powerful rush of feeling. Writing the poem is my way of figuring exactly what this impulse is telling me. I don't will a poem into being. I unravel it. -Dana Gioia♥

The true work of the writer is the true work of all artists; to take risks, to lean far out over the edge of the accepted truth, to see what can only be seen from that vantage point.- Dinty W. Moore

What I've learned about writing I've learned from trial and error, which is how most writers have learned. I had to overcome my academic training, which taught me to write in a way that was useless to me. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

Part of the struggle in learning to write is learning to ignore what isn't useful to you and pay attention to what is. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

Everything you notice is important. Let me say that a different way: If you notice something, it's because it's important.-Verlyn Klinkenborg

Writing isn't a conveyor belt bearing the reader to "the point" at the end of the piece, where the meaning will be revealed. Good writing is significant everywhere. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

The ability to suggest more than the words seem to allow is one of writer's most important tools. The ability to speak to the reader in silence. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

There are innumerable ways to write badly. The usual way is making sentences that don't say what you think they do. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

Most of the sentences you make will need to be killed. The rest will need to be fixed. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

Every word is optional until it proves to be essential, something you can only determine by removing words one by one and seeing what is lost or gained. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

It's okay. You can begin sentences with "And." -Verlyn Klinkenborg

Whenever you get a glimpse of your ignorance, don't fear it or embarrassed by it. Acknowledge it. What you don't know and you don't know it is information, too. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

You can only become a better writer by becoming a better reader. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

A cliche' is dead matter. It causes gangrene in the prose around it, and sooner or later it eats your brain. The only thing to do with a cliche' is send it to the sports page. Or the speechwriter, where it will live forever. -Verlyn Klinkenborg

I think that writers are observers and not out of choice. We're like unsuccessful social beings; we're stuck on the margins. And I think the more marginal we are as human beings, the better observers we are. I wasn't a successful human being socially in school. and that allowed me a kind of invisibility, which was painful at the time, but very good training for being a writer. -Sandra Cisneros

I think we have special vision as writers according to whatever wounds we've suffered. We have special vision to see people who are also suffering those same wounds.- Sandra Cisneros

The older you get, the farther away you are from particular events, the clearer you can see yourself.- Sandra Cisneros

Do absolutely the best you can do at every moment of every single day. Be brave. Take a chance. Ask. Give it a try. Don't be afraid. Do your homework, do your research, be thorough and precise and accurate.

Be prepared. I know that sounds cliched, but you never know what wonderful opportunity is around the next corner. You have to be open to it and ready for it and embrace it. It may not be what you are expecting! It may be even better. 

Be willing to listen. Be willing to take advice. Have confidence in yourself.

Sometimes things happen very quickly. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes disappointing results are the best thing that ever happened to you...because what happens next, something you never even dreamed of, will be even better.

Be patient, but be present. And always, always work hard. Be generous to people, and supportive. Be happy for your friends. We are all part of each other's successes. And don't forget to enjoy it. -Hank Phillipi Ryan

Every great work of art is an act of courage. -Ryan Olen Butler

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